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Chapter 2259: Seventy percent certainty (1)

But considering the fact that he had just received Huang Yueli’s warning, he decided to first endure it for the moment.

If he ruffled the little fox, then he wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage at all.

It was best to first feed her full before he brought her back into his nest to slowly chew it.

By then, he could just chew however he wanted to!

Hence Li Moying was even more motivated in serving her tea and feeding her snacks, and after successfully feeding his little fiancée full, he couldn’t wait as he carried her back to the room.

An unspeakable night…..

Early morning on the second day, Meng Hongye personally led some men over, bringing along the gratitude gifts for Huang Yueli and the others.

Yesterday night at the banquet, Meng Hongye already found out that the person who helped to treat Meng Wan’er was the famous Number One Divine Doctor Liu Buyan.

Although she resided in the desolated Northern Ice Fields, but she had also once heard of Liu Buyan’s name and she also knew just how difficult it was for him to lend a helping hand so naturally she was filled with gratitude.

“Young Miss Bai, Divine Doctor Liu, really thank you so much yesterday! I’ve specially prepared some meagre gifts to show my appreciation, I hope you will like it!”

Saying that, Meng Hongye asked the guards who had followed her along to bring the boxes over, as she opened up box after box.

Although she said it was meagre gifts, but Meng Hongye knew that the person that she needed to thank was not someone ordinary so naturally she wouldn’t use items which were of little value to make up the numbers, otherwise it would be Ice Serpent Valley whose reputation was thrown away!

For people like them with such cultivations and abilities, ordinary gold and silver weren’t of much use and or even the same for spiritual jades hence Meng Hongye prepared mostly rare and valuable medicinal herbs and armament refining materials.

These materials, although weren’t all high levelled materials but were all specialities of Northern Ice Fields and were very difficult to get in the Four Skies Continents and Sky Emperor City.

Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan were extremely satisfied upon one look.

Meng Hongye thought this matter was already settled when she saw the both of them smiling as she hurriedly spoke out, “Men, quickly bring these materials in for our valuable guests…”

“Wait!” Huang Yueli suddenly opened her mouth to interrupt her words, “Valley Master Meng, I cannot accept these things.”

Meng Hongye was stunned as she spoke out in surprise, “Young Miss Bai, you this…. This is a little token of appreciation from Ice Serpent Valley so please don’t reject it. Or could it be that there’s something you’re not satisfied with, please feel free to state it out!”

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “Valley Master Meng, I’m not doubting that your sincerity isn’t enough, but…. when we first met a few days ago, I’ve already told you that the item that I want is your distinguished Valley’s treasured item – Claret Crystal Bracelet!”

When Meng Hongye heard that, she frowned, “This… Young Miss Bai, This Valley Master can satisfy all other things that you want, but the Claret Crystal Bracelet, this is a treasure which Ice Serpent Valley had inherited for thousands of years and I believe that you must know that it is a half-god relic! If it is made known, it would definitely attract the attention of the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and cause a carnage! Forgive me for not being able to satisfy your request.”

Huang Yueli had long expected that she would reject hence she wasn’t so surprised but continued speaking.

“Valley Master Meng, are you going back on your words now? Do you still remember that a few days ago, you obviously mentioned that if I am able to finish restoring the ancient mechanism in Ice Serpent Valley, you will give me the Claret Crystal Bracelet. Could it be that, you’ve forgotten about it so quickly? Or was it to say that it has only been two days and you’re already planning to renege on your debt?”

Meng Hongye was stuffed by her allegations until she could not speak and it was only now when she remembered that she was agitated by Huang Yueli that day and in a moment of rashness, she indeed said such a thing.