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Chapter 2257: No choice but to lower their heads (6)

After the happenings that occurred this morning during the restoration, Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples totally changed their attitudes towards Huang Yueli and the others.

Yesterday, the attendants were merely courteous towards them on the surface when they really were rather resistant towards those people from Sky Emperor City.

But today, when every single disciple met them, they were all courteous.

Especially when they met Huang Yueli, they all used a revered gaze on her, as their attitudes were exceptionally respectful.

That night, Meng Hongye personally set up a banquet as different delicacies were put out to welcome them warmly.

The main lead of the banquet, without any doubt was Huang Yueli.

A large group of Ice Serpent Valley’s Elders and disciples all crowded around her, as they tried their best to fawn on her.

Huang Yueli had never liked to interact with strangers and was feeling extremely frustrated by those people as her mood suddenly turned unhappy.

Just as she was about to grimace with displeasure and walked away, suddenly her wrist tightened and she was tugged into someone’s arms from the back.

“Everyone, my Li’er has depleted a major portion of her Profound Energy and spirit during today’s restoration of the mechanism and is slightly tired so may I ask for everyone to not disturb her rest.” Li Moying’s arm wrapped around her waist as he put on a possessor look, entirely embedding that petite young lass’s body into his arms.

He lightly stroked Huang Yueli’s soft and black long hair, as he issued a marching order to the various Elders.

The elders exchanged glances at each other as they responded in embarrassment, “Right, what Young Master Li said is right. Young Miss Bai please have a good rest, we won’t disturb you any further.”

Not knowing why, this handsome and tall man was obviously very young, but the aura from him was extremely overbearing and so much that even their Valley Master Meng Hongye who had been established for many years as a ninth stage realm peak top exponent, also landed on a disadvantage in front of Li Moying…

Whereas his fiancée was an Armament Master with such abnormal innate talent and potential…..

They even brought along a Pill Master who was at least eighth ranked and a large group of ninth stage realm bodyguards…

This group, what on earth was their background! Could not offend, really could not afford to offend them!

When the Elders left, Li Moying brought Huang Yueli to sit on by one side, as she stuffed a crystal plate into her hands.

“This is White Jade Osmanthus Cake, your favourite, have a little.”

“White Jade Osmanthus Cake!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up as she immediately stretched out her little hand and grabbed a piece, popping it inside her mouth to have a taste as her eyes were smiling so much that it squinted together into one line, “It’s sooo delicious! The White Jade Osmanthus Cake here seems different from what I make at home, it even has snow lotus mixed inside! It really tastes special!”

Saying that, she picked up a piece of White Jade Osmanthus Cake and put it next to Li Moying’s mouth, “Moying, have a taste as well? If you feel that it’s delicious, then before we leave the Northern Ice Fields, let’s bring some snow lotus back and I can make it for you?”

Li Moying leaned closer and opened his mouth as he took a bite on the Osmanthus cake.

That perfectly shaped lips opened slightly and after taking a bite, he even stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. That long lashes drooped slightly with an unfathomable gaze in his eyes.

Huang Yueli stared at his mouth and momentarily, she was slightly dazed.

“What are you looking at?” Li Moying suddenly opened his mouth.

Huang Yueli almost jumped up, “Ah? Huh? What? What did you say? I… I wasn’t looking at anything ah?”

Li Moying looked at her slightly flushed little face as his lips curled upwards and spoke mellowly, “Little gluttonous kitten, look at your drooling look, did you want to taste the Osmanthus cake, or did you want to taste…. Me?”