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Chapter 2247: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (4)

Meng Wan’er originally didn’t want Huang Yueli to butt in but she turned her thinking around because she really couldn’t see the position of where the mechanism was hidden in the snowy lands.

Later on if she were to take action and hit onto empty space, then she would become the laughing stock for everyone present!

Hence she could only compromise.

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she coordinated perfectly by making multiple hand signs before her.

Suddenly, ten over array patterns appeared over the ordinary looking vast snow land in mid-air and emitted bursts of bright lights.

After the lights diminished, the mechanism which was concealed by the array was revealed in front of everyone’s eyes once again.

It was still the same as when it was refined earlier, a twenty to thirty meter tall mechanism which looked majestic and spectacular, totally out of the ordinary.

Once Meng Wan’er had locked on her target, she didn’t wait for Huang Yueli to show any reaction as she immediately leapt upwards and jumped into the sky!

At the same time, her body was like an agile snake, using a strange angle as it kept wriggling and curling around softly, then suddenly her body instantly straightened up.

Borrowing this explosive power, she gave a soft cry as an extremely pure Profound Energy radiated out from her body, as she unleashed her attack towards the lofty and towering defensive mechanism!

“Whoa, incredible! Indeed Valley Master’s direct disciple! Junior Sister Wan’er has already mastered her Efficacious Serpent skill till the third level already, her innate talent is indeed excellent!”

Our Ice Serpent Valley’s valley subduing Efficacious Serpent skill pays particular attention to using softness to conquer strength, coupling both strength and gentleness. From Junior Sister Wan’er’s move, one can tell that she had obtained Valley Master’s legacy. Using only sixth stage realm’s ability to come out with this strike, it’s already comparable to seventh stage realm first level’s practitioner!”

“Junior Sister Wan’er is indeed a female god with a combination of both beauty and ability!”

Meng Wan’er was intent on showing off her own ability in order to attract Li Moying’s attention hence when she made a move, she specially used her most skilled Efficacious Serpent skill.

This kind of cultivation method, before she struck out, used the motion of curling one’s body like a snake, in order to compress the Profound Energy within one’s body.

Immediately following that, they would suddenly extend their bodies to spike out the Profound Energy within!

In such a way, restraining in advance before releasing later resulted in doubling the amount of Profound Energy and during the instant they made their move, their might would be extremely powerful!

If same levelled practitioners were caught off guard, they would definitely be in a disastrous situation or might even have to fight in a battle where it was beyond their current level!

Although Meng Wan’er was slightly love-struck, her innate talent was indeed not bad as powerful Ice attributed Profound Energy which carried a bitter cold wind was unleashed towards the mechanism.

A loud “Bam” was heard!

Profound Energy crashed against the defensive mechanism giving off a dull sound but the entire mechanism didn’t even sway, like a lofty mountain which stood firmly and erectly at its original position.

When the surrounding people saw that, no one felt surprised at all.

After all, this was a ninth levelled defensive mechanism and if it could not even block a strike from an equivalent seventh stage realm practitioner, then wouldn’t that be too roughly manufactured!

Meng Wan’er immediately realised that things weren’t going too well after this one strike.

The mechanism which this wretched lass had restored indeed had rather good quality and at the very least, for a sixth stage realm practitioner like her, she wasn’t able to find any flaws at all.

Thinking of this, Meng Wan’er’s heart was even more anxious as she couldn’t help but attack a few more times.

“Bam bam bam bam bam—!!”

Continuous full thuds were heard ringing from the snowy grounds resembling the rhythm of a beating drum.

One could tell that Meng Wan’er had already displayed her own Profound Energy to the limit.

But she was still unable to impact these mechanisms.