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Chapter 2240: Simply a miracle! (3)

When Cang Po Jun and the others heard these words, they started to back off by a few hundred meters.

Ice Serpent Valley’s side had all retreated under Meng Hongye’s instructions as well.

Li Moying originally didn’t want to leave and had been standing beside Huang Yueli without moving at all. whoever knew that he suddenly felt a light push around his waist area.

“Moying, go rest by the side as well. I will be distracted if you stand here.” Huang Yueli lifted up her head as she looked at him with a pair of bright eyes.

Under her earnest look, he lost the battle and obediently stood outside the boundaries of the array.

When all the unconcerned people had left, Huang Yueli then started commanding the people under her.

Meng Hongye brought along ten over ninth stage realm top exponents and Huang Yueli picked seven of the most outstanding abled ones and let them stand separately on seven different array eye positions according to the Big Dipper’s position.

“Later on, after I start to operate the mechanism, the array on top will be activated and those few people standing on the array eyes must listen to my commands clearly. Those who had been picked must immediately help to fully imbue your Profound Energy to help me suppress the array’s backlash! You must follow my commands and the order must not be wrong, otherwise, the entire Ice Serpent Valley might just be blown up into the skies! Do you understand me?”

The seven top exponents hurriedly nodded their heads and Huang Yueli then continued speaking, “The other few brothers, each of you will hold on to a set of materials which I had already split up earlier. Later on, the might of the array would be momentarily suppressed and later on I will instruct you guys to fill the materials into the required parts. You’re not fire attributed practitioners hence you will need my deviant flame to melt the materials before it’s your turn to continue refining, there must be no errors!”

“Everyone please be clear on this because restoring such a huge mechanism is an extremely complex process and at any point of time if any detail has an error, it would result in a consequence which cannot be reversed.”

“Hence if anyone still has any point which you’re not clear on, please list it out immediately!”

“If there are none, we will start!”

Huang Yueli first explained each person’s task in detail and explained it very clearly hence no one else listed any other doubts.

Huang Yueli also reiterated the severity of this matter and after ensuring that everyone did not have any bit of slack, she started to refine.

Her right hand moved and like yesterday evening, a burst of deviant flame spark shot out from her palm.

It stopped for a moment in mid-air and in an instance, it became a raging ball of fire!

The flame shot towards the position of the mechanism and abruptly, the entire area was burning whereas the main body of the mechanism which was hidden in the snow was revealed in front of everyone!

“Wow! So… so majestic!”

“So, our Ice Serpent Valley’s defensive mechanism is actually so big! Simply…. simply like a miracle!”

“Too fascinating! So, the ninth tiered mechanism looks like this! It has superseded my imagination!”

It was the first time for the younger generation disciples in Ice Serpent Valley, including Meng Wan’er, to see the entire defensive mechanism completely and instantly, they gasped sounds of surprise.

But after the shock, everyone all developed even more misgivings.

Such a powerful mechanism, ordinary people would already find it hard to drive it, not to mention restoring it!

Was that lass who looked so young, really able to finish this difficult task?