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Chapter 2236: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (6)

“If you dare to use the name of restoring mechanism and come swindle at Ice Serpent Valley, then you can forget about walking out of Northern Ice Fields alive!” Meng Wan’er retorted angrily.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she couldn’t help but curled her lips as she spoke with a smile that wasn’t quite like a smile, “Young Miss Meng, I’d like to advise you not to speak recklessly. Firstly, the mechanisms which are protecting your Ice Serpent Valley are spoilt and I have a few Sky Chart top exponents right here, so you want to kill me? That’s practically impossible! Secondly, in the entire Sparing Heavens Continent, only I am capable of restoring these mechanisms and if not for the Claret Crystal Bracelet, I won’t even be bothered to spend this effort.”

“You’d better hurry over to look for Valley Master Meng to get the materials I need over! Otherwise if you delay the proper matters, I’m afraid that your Master will not let you off!”

Meng Wan’er had not expected that not only was Huang Yueli not afraid of her, moreover she even turned around and gave her a lecture!

Seeing Huang Yueli’s composed and relaxed look, Meng Wan’er’s heart couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Surely not right? Such a young little girl, could she really restore the ninth tiered mechanism??

No, impossible! Don’t say that she just looked at Palace Lord Huang’s notebook, even if it was Palace Lord Huang’s direct disciple whom she had brought along, there was no way for her to be so genius!

Meng Wan’er gave a cold humph, “Alright, since you said things to this full, then I’ll go report to my Master! The materials you need, I’ll think of a way to get it but if by then, you’re not able to restore those mechanisms, then…”

“Then.. I will only need to report to Valley Master Meng, and not to you.” Huang Yueli interrupted her with a beaming smile.

Meng Wan’er was cut off by her in such a manner that the breath that was stuck at the back of her throat almost couldn’t come out.

She clenched her teeth and the expression on her face was slightly twisted, “You….. you…..”

Huang Yueli had already finished whatever she wanted to say as she totally couldn’t be bothered to care about what Meng Wan’er thought.

She covered her little mouth and yawned a couple of times as her petite little body had once again fell towards Li Moying’s direction.

“So sleepy, I’m tired out today, let’s return to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship to rest!”

Li Moying nodded, “Alright, let’s go back now.”

Meng Wan’er regained her senses as she cried out anxiously, “Wait, please stop! My Master has instructed earlier to reserve a room for you guys so will everyone… Young Master Li, our Ice Serpent Valley’s houses are all built using ice blocks and it’s something that you don’t see in Sky Emperor City so we’d like to invite you to stay, to give us a chance to treat you with hospitality.”

As she said that, she used a tender-hearted gaze as she focused on Li Moying.

As if she was telling Li Moying that she didn’t mind to personally “treat him with hospitality”.

Huang Yueli secretly rolled her eyes, what was wrong with her? The person who was going to restore the mechanism and array was her, so if they needed to pay their gratitude, or show their hospitality, it should be her right?

In the end, Meng Wan’er totally neglected this point as all she had in her mouth was Young Master Li!

This man was really a blue troubled water, a male vixen!

Huang Yueli was cursing silently when she suddenly felt her waist tightening and Li Moying held her closer slightly as he lowered his head and asked in her ear, “Li’er, what do you say? Are we going to Ice Serpent Valley to stay?”

Huang Yueli glanced at everyone and saw Cang Po Jun and the others showing a jubilant expression, evidently very interested towards the igloos in Ice Serpent Valley, but they just don’t dare to speak out.

She nodded her head, “Alright, since it’s Valley Master Meng’s kind intentions, then let’s stay for the night!”