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Chapter 2234: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (4)

In the dim snowstorm, these sparkling array patterns looked especially eye catching.

Like the stars shining brightly in the skies, twinkling.

All the array patterns remained under Huang Yueli’s control, as it was shown one after another.

It was one hour later when Huang yueli stopped all her actions and took a deep breath as her body weakened.

Li Moying had always been by her side, observing her expression and actions and at the moment he saw her void of energy, Li Moying instantly stretched out his arm, which held on to her softened slender body just nicely, holding her into his arms.

He adjusted the angle of his hug and strength to allow Huang Yueli to lean more comfortably against his chest.

“Li’er, what’s the matter? Have you exhausted too much Profound Energy from restoring those mechanisms? You’re only at seventh stage realm now and totally different from in the past so if you indeed exhaust too much, then you must never force yourself! Even if we don’t have the Claret Crystal Bracelet, I will still protect you properly and also protect myself.”

Huang Yueli was like a cat, clinging onto its owner.

Actually, she had really felt a little dizzy earlier but after being hugged by Li Moying, she had already resumed back to normal but Li Moying’s chest was firm and strong. Leaning against it gave her a sense of security hence she instantly was too lazy to move.

Huang Yueli replied lazily, “I’m fine, just depleted a bit of energy but it won’t affect me restoring these mechanisms. Today I just wanted to understand these mechanisms and array’s damage percentage and will only start the restoration tomorrow.”

Li Moying frowned, “You’ve already depleted your energy and still say you’re fine? Just understanding the situation caused you to end up like this, how are you intending to restore those mechanisms?”

Huang Yueli rubbed against his chest, “Based on my current cultivation, it indeed isn’t capable of supporting me in restoring such a large sized mechanism but isn’t there Senior Brother, Guardian Jun and the others? I’ve already got a rough plan and tomorrow I just need everyone to listen to my commands and coordinate with me to operate those mechanisms so it doesn’t really need me to do much and I’d be able to restore it!”

Hearing that, Liu Buyan and the others exchanged glances as they all seemed a little excited, everyone looked as though they were tempted to have a go at it.

“This is interesting, This Subordinate hadn’t done such a thing before yet! Restore mechanisms!”

“Hur hur, a few days ago I was still teaching my Junior Sister to refine pills, tomorrow it’s my Junior Sister’s turn to teach me how to refine armaments?”

Li Moying then nodded his head, “Alright then, since these few coolies can be used, then I am much more assured now.”

“Hey, what’s called coolies? Do you know how to respect other people?” Liu Buyan replied in a gruff voice.

Li Moying heeded no attention to him as he lowered his head and took a look at the little fox in his arms, “Since you’re going to start work early tomorrow morning, then can we leave now?”


Huang Yueli was just about to reply when suddenly, from Ice Serpent Valley’s direction came a shuffle of footsteps.

“Young Master Li, Young Master Li!” Meng Wan’er shouted out loudly.

Li Moying frowned but other than him, the others all gave off mischievous smiles.

Meng Wan’er jogged along the way towards this place.

They could tell that she had intentionally changed into a large red cape, as compared to the earlier light red colour, she appeared brighter and prettier, especially in the snowy land, it gave off the feel and colour like a red lotus in the snow.

Her face was beaming with a sweet smile as she walked over gracefully, originally wanting to put on a seductive expression to attract Li Moying’s attention.