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Chapter 2233: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (3)

Liu Buyan looked at Li Moying with a pair of astonished eyes.

He had done that based on the fact that Li Moying could not retaliate against him hence he spoke such cynical remarks, obtaining an advantage in terms of the mouth.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Li Moyign could not use his Profound Energy, the both of them would probably have started fighting.

Li Moying gave a cold scoff as though he was snubbing at him, “I didn’t use any Profound Energy. You’re the one who needs a beating hence even my Li’er couldn’t stand it any further!”

Liu Buyan was stunned as he then realised that the ice blade was actually shot out at him by Huang Yueli!

Liu Buyan’s face immediately collapsed as he looked towards Huang Yueli and spoke out aggrievedly, “Junior… Junior Sister, how could you do that? You’re actually helping outsiders to shoot ice blades at your Senior Brother? Moreover it was shot towards my face! A tall and stately, casual and elegant man like me, if my looks are really disfigured by your strike, just how many young ladies’ hearts would shatter, do you know?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as her complexion showed that she wasn’t worried at all, “Then how about you? Aren’t you also helping outsiders, persuading my husband to accept that Meng Wan’er?”

“Ughh…. this… I was only joking, only joking…”

Liu Buyan realised that he had said the wrong words and a drip of cold sweat slid down from his forehead, as he hurriedly followed behind Huang Yueli, hoping to explain.

However, Huang Yueli gave a cold harrumph and turned around as she ran towards the exterior of Ice Serpent Valley to check on the arrays, totally ignoring him.

Li Moying also blindly followed suit, staying by Huang Yueli’s side, blocking Liu Buyan on the outside.

Huang Yueli walked towards the right side for around two to three miles before she stopped and raised her head to look in front, she stared at it fixedly for a long time. Moreover she seemed as though she was pondering over something as her elegant brows were creased.

Cang Po Jun and the others followed behind them not too far away as they curiously took a look at her line of sight, probing their heads over to see what she’s looking at.

But they weren’t able to understand anything at all.

“Strange, what is Grandmaster Huang looking at?” Cang Po Hun asked in a small voice.

Cang Po Jun observed for a moment and replied hesitantly, “Earlier Grandmaster Huang had already mentioned that she’s here to restore the mechanism! I guess she should be observing the mechanism?”

“Ah? Really?” Cang Po Hun’s eyes widened, “But no matter how I look, I feel that this is a piece of white snowy land and no different from any other place, mechanism? Array? Where are those? Buried inside the snowy land?”

His words had just ended when he saw Huang Yueli who had her arms behind her back suddenly raised them up.

An amethyst gold coloured deviant flame flew out from her palm.

Moreover, at the instance when the flame left her body, the flame seemed to expand against the wind as it instantly turned from a ball of small flame into a huge ball of raging flames, flying towards the front!

Wherever the deviant flame flew against the snowy lands, originally the land which looked as though there was no abnormality had now revealed rows of huge mechanisms!

These mechanisms were built exquisitely and moreover, it rose up into the clouds and under the companioned surrounding raging snow and wind, it appeared to be a majestic and towering like those individual miracles which had been lost!

Cang Po Jun and the others were all in a daze as they looked at those mechanisms without blinking at all.

Huang Yueli’s arms raised towards her chest level as her ten fingers were swiftly flying as her incantation gestures were ever changing.

Different coloured deviant flames were shot onto the snowy grounds following her actions.

As the icy snow slowly melted, the air around the mechanisms surroundings slowly lit up an array pattern and immediately following that was the second and third…..

A large piece of array pattern formed into a line.