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Chapter 2232: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (2)

“We were coveting on other people’s secret treasure and it’s already not bad that they didn’t throw us out so how passionate could they be towards us ah? Ah?” Liu Buyan spoke in a disapproving manner.

Cang Po Hun was stunned, “Is Grandmaster Huang for real?”

Cang Po Jun turned his gaze towards Huang Yueli, “Grandmaster Huang, if I didn’t guess wrongly, you specially led us on this trip to Ice Serpent Valley, looking for a guide is secondary. The most important part is probably for that Claret Crystal Bracelet right?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she nodded her head, “Guardian Jun is someone who understands things! That’s right, I did so just for the Claret Crystal Bracelet! When I came to Ice Serpent Valley in my past life, I had once heard that the Claret Crystal Bracelet was a valuable treasure which was used to stabilize one’s primordial spirit and if Moying were to wear this on him, it would definitely be of help to him. Especially this time when we’re heading towards Lone Sky Summit, there is a ninety nine percent chance of us fighting with the ghost mask man. If any accidents happen, this would be considered as another level of security! It will also prevent Moying’s illness from acting up just in case he uses a little Profound Energy.”

Li Moying’s corner of his eye carried a smile as he lightly hugged her slender waist, pulling her into his arms.

“I knew it, what Li’er did is all for me!”

Huang Yueli leaned against him but didn’t reveal any of the bashfulness that he anticipated, instead, she turned her head around and gave him a fierce stare and added on a heavy punch on his chest.

This used up quite an amount of strength as Li Moying fell a wave of dull pain, as he groaned.

“Ughh… Li’er, why did you hit me for?”

Huang Yueli’s skin was smiling but that smile wasn’t genuine as she spoke, “Young Sect Master Li is indeed flirtatious by nature, with boundless charm! Merely stood at the entrance of Ice Serpent Valley and you’ve already abducted another young lady’s heart…”

She hadn’t even completed her words when Cang Po Hun couldn’t stifle his laugh as he already burst out laughing.

But following that, he received his own Sovereign’s vicious stare as he shuddered and hurriedly swallowed back laughter. But his shoulders were shaking uncontrollably.

The other’s faces all reflected a look which they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to, as they were shaking all over.

Earlier, that Meng Wan’er’s pair of big eyes was just short of being glued on Li Moying’s body and everyone saw it.

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but spoke out in ridicule, “Young Master Li indeed has good fortune in love affairs! Speaking of that, even This Divine Doctor is also a little envious of you. Obviously I’m the one who had much strong ability and also a gentlemanly handsome male, but why is it that every single time, the one who received the belle’s grace is always you? Could it be that you are seducing another woman behind my Junior Sister’s back?”

These words were wishing for the whole world to be in chaos and was simply trying to drive a wedge between them.

Li Moying’s expression sunk as his icy cold vision swept past Liu Buyan’s face, “Since Divine Doctor Liu envies so much, then This Sovereign shall give it up to you!”

“Tsk tsk, Young Sect Master Li, you’re too modest! Young Miss Meng likes you so it’s useless if I just stick up to her like that! On account of her passionate feelings… why don’t you just….. aiyo!”

Liu Buyan wasn’t afraid of him so not only did he not shut up, he even spoke more delightfully.

It was rare for him to have a chance to taunt Li Moying hence he naturally wouldn’t let it go like that!

However, before he could even finish his words, he saw a piece of sharp square-shaped ice blade flying towards his face! The speed was astonishingly swift!

Luckily his ability was extraordinary and in the nick of time, he hurriedly turned his head as he evaded it and the ice blade just slid past his side face, narrowly scrapping it!

“Li Moying, you dare to use Profound Energy?”