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Chapter 2231: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (1)

A few guards walked over and paid their respects to Huang Yueli and the rest then made a “please” gesture.

Huang Yueli didn’t indulge with the pleasantries as she turned around and walked away with them.

Li Moying and the others naturally also followed behind them as they all left together.

Meng Hongye looked at their departing figures as she couldn’t help but creased her brows, with her heart totally bewildered.

Meng Wan’er looked at Li Moying then turned around to look at Meng Hongye and eventually, she chose to stay behind as she approached Meng Hongye cautiously.

“Mas… Master, are they really from that what Number One Sacred Lands?”

When Meng Hongye heard her question, she then regained her senses as she nodded, “This should be correct. From their dressing, it’s all Blue Profound Sect’s disciple’s uniform and moreover all of them are all top rated top exponents as their imposing matter were restrained, definitely from a large Sect. Plus they were able to bring the token from Palace Lord Huang, I believe their identity shouldn’t be fake.”

“Then they… what’s their purpose in coming here?” Meng Wan’er asked curiously.

Meng Hongye shook her head, “This.. their lips are too tight and even This Master isn’t able to tell. But this one-time activation with so many top exponents and also asking to borrow the Claret Crystal Bracelet, moreover choosing to enter the frozen zone at such a dangerous time of the year, I’m afraid… their motive isn’t simple!”

Saying that, Meng Hongye turned her head towards Meng Wan’er, “These people have mysterious backgrounds and we can’t be sure that they wouldn’t be any trickery in secret, go help This Master keep an eye on them!”

Meng Wan’er was just waiting for this sentence of hers as she hurriedly nodded, “Yes, this disciple will go right now!”

“Especially that Li Moying…..” Meng Hongye recalled the earlier scene as she muttered to herself.

“Young Master Li… what’s the matter with him?” Meng Wan’er wanted to find out about Li Moying’s situation the most hence she asked anxiously.

Meng Hongye said, “Earlier when he self-introduced himself, saying that he was Blue Profound Sect Sovereign Mu’s disciple but I heard that Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign would only take in one disciple and that would be the future Sovereign! Moreover at his young age, he’s already at ninth stage realm sixth level cultivation so his innate talent should be much better than Li Moying! Such a peerless genius with such identity and innate talent, by right he should be a protected figure within the entire Sect but yet he appeared right here…”

Meng Hongye only cared about her own thoughts and totally didn’t notice that beside her, Meng Wan’er’s admiration in her eyes was totally unconcealable.

So, this Young Master Li was Blue Profound Sect’s future Sovereign!

His innate talent was even much stronger than the legendary Number One top export in the Continent!

Such an incredibly excellent man, she must find a way to get him!

Huang Yueli and the others followed the guards who led the way as they returned to the entrance of Ice Serpent Valley.

At this very moment, it was already evening time and the skies were slightly darkened.

However Ice Serpent Valley’s raging winds and huge snow had yet to stop, and instead because of the darkened skies, it appeared to be even more gloomy and terrifying.

Cang Po Hun couldn’t help but shrank his neck as he hugged the cape around him tightly. Although as a ninth stage realm practitioner, fighting against this cold wasn’t of much difficulty, but somehow he still subconsciously felt uncomfortable.

“This Ice Serpent Valley’s Valley Master is a little too conceited! She actually just chased us out like this? Even if she wanted us to restore the array, surely she need not act like this right? She could totally treat us to a meal and rest before we talk about this tomorrow right?”

Hearing his grumbling, Liu Buyan retracted his Ossein Fan in his hands as he knocked his head.

“Wishful thinking! Haven’t you got an inkling of the situation already?”