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Chapter 2224: Secluded Sect (8)

Cang Po Jun and the others all let off gasps of shock.

Meng Wan’er’s gaze, however, was fixed on Li Moying’s reaction only.

But, Li Moying totally didn’t look at her at all, and not knowing if he heard the explanation that she had gone through earlier as his vision had always stopped on Huang Yueli’s face. The two of them were leaning close to each other and they spoke in low voices, seemingly very intimate.

Whereas for the young lady beside him, her face would occasionally reflect a bashful smile.

Meng Wan’er was so jealous that she could die but, she also knew that she had no standing to say anything at all.

Finally, everyone walked to the main hall of the Ice Palace and Meng Wan’er bowed as she headed in to inform about their arrival before she brought them all in.

Seating up in front on the tall stage was a beautiful woman dressed in a blue colours palace style dress and she bore a lucid, elegant and refined look with exquisitely perfect features. Too bad that the expression on her face was so cold that it resembled ice, as though on one look, it would freeze the surrounding people around her from the cold intent that she was giving off.

This beautiful woman looked as though she was merely twenty over years old but everyone present were all top exponents and could all tell that although she looked young, she had actually made her name many years ago, and she was a superbly outstanding practitioner.

Huang Yueli walked up and cupped her fists in greeting, “Valley Master Meng, this junior is Bai Ruoli and I came with my fiancée Li Moying. We are all Blue Profound Sect’s disciples and I’m sorry for making an abrupt visit.”

Meng Hongye lowered her head and took a look at them and that frosty face finally reflected a slight tinge of emotions.

“Blue Profound Sect’s disciples? I’ve heard about it before and it seems like a top notch large powerhouse. But that year the person whom I gifted my zither to was not Blue Profound Sect’s disciple. You guys and her… what relationship do you have exactly?”

Li Moying and Huang Yueli had already discussed on their ideas long before this and at this moment, he took a step up as he opened his mouth slowly, “This Junior knows that this Disheartened Zither is gifted by Valley Master Meng to Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord Huang many years ago, but I believe you should already know about this. Palace Lord Huang has already died sixteen years ago at a place near Lone Sky Summit. That year before her demise, she left this zither in Blue Profound Sect and asked my Master Mu Chengying to hold it in safekeeping for her. So many years have passed and my Master sent me and Young Miss Bai over here, hoping to check out the location where Palace Lord Huang passed on that year. Hoping to gain Valley Master Meng’s help, hence he asked this Junior to bring the Disheartened Zither along.”

When Meng Hongye heard his words, a reminiscing look appeared on her face slowly.

“What you said is not wrong, back then Palace Lord Huang had been over to the Northern Ice Fields several times, seemingly trying to search for some item’s whereabouts, but it isn’t easy to survive in the Ice Fields as danger lurks everywhere. Every single time, This Valley Master would send someone over to be her guide and she had also helped our Ice Serpent Valley to come out with quite a number of mechanisms so we’re considered as rather close friends. Alas…. Heaven is envious of a genius and such a talented and miraculous lady like her, had to die early…”

She gasped for a moment and her vision turned back towards Li Moying and Huang Yueli.

“But this Valley Master understood from Palace Lord Huang’s meaning that she didn’t seem to be on very good terms with Blue Profound Sect. Moreover she had been avoiding Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu, would she leave the Disheartened Zither in Blue Profound Sect? Could it be that people from your Sect had secretly scheme on Palace Lord Huang then snatched away her zither and now you’re here to deceive This Valley Master?”

Meng Hongye’s expression suddenly sunk as her voice turned icy cold.

Following her tone, the guards surrounding the palace’s side all pressed their hands on the Profound Armament around their waists.

Seemingly as though they were prepared to take action towards them anytime.