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Chapter 2220: Secluded Sect (4)

“Everyone, this zither is something which Valley Master Meng had gave to a friend twenty years ago and if you hand this over to her, she will meet with us.” She explained as she gave a smile.

This zither was one of the top ten ancient zithers Disheartened Zither, twenty years ago, she first discovered it inside the Ice Serpent Valley and met Valley Master Meng when she entered the valley.

Huang Yueli’s eye had caught sight of the Disheartened Zither which Valley Master Meng had collected hence she suggested to help set up the defensive array outside the valley in exchange for this zither.

When she returned back to Sky Emperor City, she conveniently left the Disheartened Zither in Levitation Sword Palace.

This time round coming back to the Northern Ice Fields, she specially got it out from the storeroom and brought it along with her, in a possible period of need.

The guards took another look at her.

Perhaps it was because Huang Yueli was very young and she looked both nice and harmless, hence they still nodded their heads eventually as they received the zither and walked back into the valley.

Huang Yueli and the others waited outside for a long period of time but still didn’t see the guards returning.

This was a drafty place as it was where the air intake was and the north wind was biting cold, while snow kept on falling from the sky.

About two hours went by and the few of them felt too cold hence they all stomped their feet as they walked about, thinking to exercise so that they were able to warm themselves off from the cold.

Cang Po Hun couldn’t help but grumbled, “What on earth is going on? They just left us to chill here like this? Those few guards are simply making a fool out of us! From what I see, instead of waiting here sillily, why not just go in directly to find that whoever Valley Master Meng or something?”

Huang Yueli still had a composed look on her as she totally appeared not flustered at all.

“Guardian Hun, don’t you belittle this Ice Serpent Valley. Although the valley that we’re standing at now does not have walls, but the surroundings are filled with formless and traceless arrays and mechanisms. If you were to barge in abruptly, even for a Sky Chart top exponent like you, you’d probably suffer from a huge impact as well!”

Cang Po Hun went into a daze as he instantly cried out in surprise, “You’re saying there are arrays and mechanisms around the surroundings here? There’s such an incredible array mechanism! But I totally can’t tell at all! The person who set up these mechanisms must be an extremely powerful Armament Master right?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she nodded her head, as she put on an expression as though this child is teachable, “That’s right, indeed very incredible! I’m the one who set all of these up twenty years ago!”

“Ughh, ah?” Cang Po Hun was stunned and immediately reacted in time.

Right, in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, the most outstanding armament master was Huang Yueli and moreover, she had apparently headed over to Northern Ice Fields many times, so to help this Ice Serpent Valley’s people set up the mechanisms was something very normal.

“But Grandmaster Huang, since you have such a relationship with the Valley Master here and you’ve already brought out the keepsake token, why are those guards still so guarded against us. That gaze is simply no different from guarding against thieves!”

Thinking of the gazes which the guards casted upon them before they left, Cang Po Hun just felt his fury arise out of nowhere.

As Blue Profound Sect’s Guardian, no matter if it was in Sky Emperor City or Four Skies Region, every single place he went to, he was always conferred as the most distinguished VIP so since when had he ever met with such cold treatment?

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Ice Serpent Valley is one of the secluded places in the Northern Ice Fields and very few outsiders would come here. You probably hadn’t noticed that around the surroundings of this Ice Serpent Valley, there are actually a few huge invisible arrays and I’m the one who brought you guys to pass through those arrays before reaching the valley entrance. To those guards, we are outsiders who have appeared out of nowhere, so would that be extremely suspicious?”