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Chapter 2219: Secluded Sect (3)

These houses were all made out of huge blocks of ice and one after another block formed pavilions as the buildings were richly ornamented, magnificent with superb craftsmanship.

But when they were still far away, all the scenery in the snowy land bore the same colour, there was practically no way to notice that just ten over miles away, there were actually so many houses.

Everyone was staring at the sight in front of their eyes and were all stunned.

“Grandmaster Huang, this….. what is this?” Cang Po Jun cried out in shock.

Huang Yueli cast him a gaze dimly, “Houses? Don’t you even know this?”

This tone was filled with extreme despise.

Cang Po Hun almost threw up blood after being said in such a way by Huang Yueli, making him appear like an idiot! But heavens knew that he didn’t mean this at all!

Cang Po Hun replied, “Grandmaster Huang, earlier This Subordinate shouldn’t have doubted your judgment, This Subordinate is wrong so please give me. Will you please tell me where this place is? They all say that the mirage that appears in the desert are in fact not existent so these houses here, surely it can’t be an illusion as well right?”

Huang Yueli took a look at him as she shook her head, “You’re thinking a little too much isn’t it? This isn’t an illusion but a real large Sect! See that ice sculpture over there?”

Everyone’s eyes followed the direction where she pointed to.

They only saw in the forefront of those buildings where the ice sculptors were, there was a huge block of transparent sculptor and it was entirely constructed out of solid ice blocks, forming the image of a huge serpent.

This block of huge serpent was a total of thirty meters tall and if this was built in Sky Emperor City, it would be a magnificent structure which dazzled everyone’s eyes.

Whereas in the vast expanse of white mist in Northern Ice Fields, it looked especially spectacular, which made one stunned beyond words.

The crowd were looking at this huge serpent sculptor and had not recollected their senses when suddenly, on the ice surface, a flurry of hurried footsteps could be heard.

Following that, the sound of swords unsheathed and spears drawn could be heard as an adult man’s deep voice was heard.

“Who is there? How bold, how dare you barge into Ice Serpent Valley??”

The few of them turned back and on first sight, they saw a team of guards formed by ten over practitioners charging out from the inside of the building.

This group of practitioners were all around twenty to thirty years old and were all young and well built. Their cultivations were all seventh stage realm and above and the Profound Armaments in their hands were well manufactured and although the Profound Armour worn on their bodies looked very thin, but under such cold weather, these practitioners were all cool and collected as though they can’t feel the bitter coldness around the snowy lands.

Cang Po Jun took a step forward, originally wanting to head up to negotiate.

However, Huang Yueli stretched out an arm to stop him, then taking a few steps forward, she went up to the guards and cupped her fist in her hand in greeting.

“Brothers, I’m sorry to have come abruptly and disturbed you. My fiancé and I have come from Sky Emperor City and we would like to ask to meet Valley Master Meng.”

When the leader of the guards heard that, he was apparently stunned for a moment, “How do you know that our Valley Master’s surname is Meng?”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly as she replied, “The Elders in my family and Valley Master Meng are old friends and I’ve come on my Elders orders to pay a visit, so I’m hoping for your help to convey the message.”

The guards used their eyes as they mutually communicated for a while, apparently not believing them as they kept sizing this group of people up.

“Is Valley Master Meng someone whom you can meet just because you wish to? What proof do you have, to verify that you are Valley Master Meng’s old friend?”

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and drew out an old zither from her interspatial ring.