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Chapter 2218: Secluded Sect (2)

She pointed to the front on the right and said, “This direction is exactly straight north and if we walk towards this direction straight up ahead, we will reach Lone One Summit in about five days’ time.”

When she said that, other than Li Moying, all of them looked at her with astonishment.

“Grandmaster Huang, how are you able to tell the direction in such a vile environment?”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders as she replied in an indifferent manner, “I also don’t know, probably a kind of feeling! Don’t worry, I won’t point the wrong direction!”

Cang Po Hun and the others looked at each other in dismay, as they all had an unspeakable feeling in their hearts.

Indeed, people with abnormal innate talents were abnormal everywhere! They were even able to recognise the roads which others couldn’t, was there still any heaven’s law left?

Cang Po Hun replied, “We actually still need five days, that far away! Doesn’t it seem a little too early to get off the boat now? Walking through the Ice Fields is very dangerous, let’s hurry back on the Snow Cloud Sky Ship to continue on our journey, and we should be able to reach in about a day’s time.”

However, Huang Yueli shook her head, “Can’t do. We’ve already entered the frozen zone of the Northern Ice Fields and we could run into snowstorm at any time and any place and not only could it possibly damage the Snow Cloud Sky Ship, more important, those Snow Condors which pulls the ship would possibly be frozen to death in mid-air, and by then we will all drop down and die!”

“That serious?!” Cang Po Hun then realised that his thinking was just too simple.

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “That’s right, so from now on, we have to travel by foot. Alright, following this, everyone follow me!”

Saying that, Huang Yueli took the first step and walked right in front of the pack to lead the road.

Li Moying naturally let his little Li’er be his Master and didn’t hesitate as he followed upwards, as though he was afraid of being separated so he held on to her hand tightly, clasping all ten fingers together.

But the others were a little hesitant as they looked at each other mutually before Cang Po Jun asked carefully, “That… Grandmaster Huang, are you sure this route is right? Haven’t you said this earlier, that Lone One Summit is… in that direction?”

Cang Po Jun pointed hesitantly towards the right in the front.

Huang Yueli was walking towards the left side in the front, acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose!

The one saying that was Cang Po Jun, but everyone’s thought was exactly the same as his.

At this very moment, it made everyone unable to suspect if Huang Yueli actually didn’t know the way but was purely making wild guesses? Otherwise how was it possible for her to lead the way carelessly?

The usually smart and sharp Sovereign totally could not be relied on as he was actually seduced by Grandmaster Huang’s beauty, as he simply just ran off with her!

At this goddamn forsaken place, following two Masters who weren’t reliable, just thinking about it made one feel that their future was bleak!

Hearing that, Huang Yueli slowed down her footsteps as she turned around, “What are you guys guessing about? Since when have I said that we are heading to Lone One Summit immediately?”

Everyone was stunned momentarily.

“Ah? Not going to Lone One Summit? Then where are we going?”

Huang Yueli smiled and explained, “Northern Ice Fields are filled with dangers and even if it’s me, I am not able to guarantee that we will remain safe on our journey so we need to find someone experienced to lead the road.”

“Someone experienced?” Cang Po Hun asked curiously, “Who? Who would possibly be more familiar with Northern Ice Fields than you?”

Huang Yueli didn’t reply to that question and instead she pulled Li Moying’s hand as she walked straight towards the front.

Everyone followed her for around one hour or so and faintly saw a large plot of housing in the front.