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Chapter 2217: Secluded Sect (1)

Li Moying spoke out slowly, “This isn’t considered strange right? That ghost mask man’s ability is so strong, you can also tell that if he really has the heart to control various Sacred Lands, it’s not as though he doesn’t have the ability to do so. Moreover, he’s already taken control of Chi Xiao Jiu and Mythical Flame Palace, then to subdue the other few families, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult task at all.”

Huang Yueli thought about it as her expression sunk while nodding her head.

“What you say is right! In this way, we will be facing extremely harsh challenges on this trip to Northern Ice Fields!”

“Moreover, what’s worse of all is that until now, I still don’t understand what this ghost mask man’s motive is? Even if Blue Profound Sect has a traitor and exposed our identities, but I haven’t appeared in Soaring Heavens Continent for the past sixteen years so logically speaking, whatever grudges we have should already have become bygones! The other party keeps chasing after us relentlessly, aiming at us, what exactly… is he thinking of doing?”

Li Moying didn’t say a word, only silently pulling the young lady in her arms even tighter.

His deep eyes, under the moonlight sparkled with a bewitching shine, and that looked more and more unfathomable.

The instance Huang Yueli raised her head and met with that pair of eyes, she seemed to be sucked into it, totally unable to move away.

After some time, Li Moying lowered his head as he kissed her on her cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ve already got a plan. This time, even though the enemy is in the dark and we’re in the light, that means that we can only take the enemy by ruse, and not by strength…”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Your thinking is exactly the same as mine! I also have a plan, let’s discuss this!”

She excitedly grabbed Li Moying’s shirt by his chest and this sort of telepathic connection where their minds move at the same pace felt really wonderful! Indeed the man who she had chosen!

However, Li Moying didn’t agree according to her wishes as he shook his head instead.

Huang Yueli was still in a state of terror when she suddenly felt her body lightened as she discovered that she had been carried horizontally by her man.

“Hey, what are you doing??” Huang Yueli lost her balance and almost fell hence she could only hold onto Li Moying’s shoulder.

Li Moying turned his head around and he snuck a kiss by her ear, “We can discuss the plan with everyone tomorrow, tonight…. I’m to accompany my wife to appreciate the moonlight, don’t spoil the mood!”

“Let me down, I’m discussing proper matters with you! I don’t want to appreciate the moonlight!” Huang Yueli attempted to reason with this man.

Li Moying turned his head back as his lips curled up, giving off a frivolous smile.

“Alright, since you don’t wish to appreciate the moonlight, that’s just as well.. then come help This Husband warm up my bed!”

“What? I’m not doing that! Li Moying, you lecher!”

“Cry out louder a little and everyone on the flying ship will wake up, the moreover they will all know that you’re helping me warm up my bed today o~” Li Moying gave an evil smile.

Huang Yueli was totally defeated by this man’s shamelessness as she had tears but could not cry, while she was carried back into the room by him.

Two days later.

The Snow Cloud Sky Ship landed on a plot of snowy land in the Northern Ice Fields, as it gradually descended.

The ship’s staircase slowly opened up and other than the disciples who were flying the ship, all the other accompanying members started to descend the boat.

Can Po Hun looked everywhere around the surroundings to find that it was all white everywhere. Anywhere that his sight laid on, it was all covered by the snowy blanket all around.

He took out the map which he had pre-prepared from his realm ring and wanted to compare against it but on one look, he was dazed.

“This… the surroundings are exactly the same so we totally can’t tell where we are! What shall we do? How will we move from here? Where on earth is Lone Sky Summit?”

Huang Yueli however was totally calm and unperturbed.