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Chapter 2216: Return to Northern Ice Fields (8)

She stretched out her finger and drew circles on Li Moying’s chest, “After you recover from your illness, we’ll first head over to Celestial Light Sect and ask that ungrateful Ling Qing Yu on why she betrayed me! Then go over to Mythical Flame Palace, Chi Xiao Jiu he…”

Saying till this point, her voice abruptly stopped.

Li Moying brushed her long hair with one hand and while playing with it between his fingers as he listened quietly to her talk.

Seeing that she had stopped, he couldn’t help but lower his face, “What’s the matter with Chi Xiao Jiu?”

Huang Yueli suddenly grabbed his shirt by his chest as she asked agitatedly, “I… I seem to know something! Do you still remember that group of black robed men who snatched away the Bipolar Black Orchid? One of them sounded really familiar and it’s the person who crossed hands with Senior Brother, the one who almost got killed! Now that I think of it, that voice sounded really like Chi Xiao Jiu! Moreover, he seemed to be a fire attributed practitioner!”

Li Moying was stunned as he immediately frowned, “Are you for real? Could you have gotten any facts wrong?”

Huang Yueli shook her head as she said, “This… actually I can’t be certain as well, only feeling that it sounds really familiar. But although his voice is the same, it’s still hard to tell if it’s the same person! Right, haven’t you crossed hands with Chi Xiao Jiu some days ago during the auction? Do you feel that based on his skills, is he similar to the black robed man?”

Li Moying congealed his senses and he recalled back but was still uncertain.

“This….. Chi Xiao Jiu has apparently not improved in these few years and he’s not even high ranking in the Sky Chart. As the presiding owner of one of the Seven Sacred Lands, his ability is simply too weak! As for those black robed men, their abilities totally aren’t worth mentioning! That leader, although he’s in ninth stage realm peak, but he can’t even take a blow from me so towards this ordinary kind of ability, I really don’t have much impression…”

“You…” Huang Yueli couldn’t help but rolled her eyes!

Her fiancé’s ability was overpowering hence his foresight was extraordinarily high as well. In Li Moying’s eyes, Chi Xiao Jiu’s ability did not have enough qualifications to become his opponent hence Li Moying can’t even be bothered to look him straight in the eye.

Usually it was nothing but now, wouldn’t it be delaying her matters?

Huang Yeuli could only shake her head, “Alright, anyway Senior Brother and Guardian Jun seemed to have crossed hands with him as well so I’ll find some time to verify this with them!”

Li Moying said disapprovingly, “You can try to go ask but I feel that your instincts wouldn’t be wrong. Every single time your guesses seem like it doesn’t have any basis but in the end you’re always able to prove that it matches exactly with the truth. This time shouldn’t be an exception as well. I only find it strange that no matter how weak Chi Xiao Jiu is, he is at least a Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, someone helming a large powerhouse among the Seven Sacred Lands! Just based on this fact alone, he actually is willing to be that ghost mask man’s lackey?”

Huang Yueli also frowned, “Right, just what background does this ghost mask man have, to even be able to subdue Chi Xiao Jiu under his hands! Those black robed men who took part in snatching away the Bipolar Black Orchid, could they also be Mythical Flame Palace’s disciples?”

Li Moying shook his head, “That might not be so. Those people are not all just fire attributed practitioners but from the way they strike and from their abilities, they’re mostly Sky Emperor City’s large powerhouses’ disciples, or perhaps, they might even come from the Six Sacred Lands!”

“What?” Huang Yueli let out an exclamation, “You mean to say that the ghost mask man not only controlled Chi Xiao Jiu, he might also possibly have controlled the other presiding leaders from the other Sacred Lands?”