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Chapter 2190: Who was that exactly (4)

“Not allowed to come over again!” Li Moying didn’t turn his head back as his voice was filled with threat.

Huang Yueli silently shouted what a pity.

Earlier she wanted to snatch the jade box from the ghost masked man while it was chaotic but whoever knew that the ghost masked man’s ability was unexpectedly strong!

Simply as though it was no different from the past life’s Mu Chengying when he was in his peak period…

She tried several times while it was chaotic but every single time she was pushed back by the cutlass on his body thereby missing the best opportunity.

But now that the ghost masked man had suffered a not so slight injury whereas Li Moying and the others joined hands and their abilities were not so bad, so in comparison, it was Li Moying and the others who were at an advantage.

Moreover, she was able to see that from Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s direction, there were several top exponents from the Sky Chart who were rushing over as well, and they should have been recruited by the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild urgently to aid in this battle.

The ghost masked man also noticed that someone was rushing over from far and knew that he would not be able to handle the masses alone so he prepared to escape.

However his figure had just flashed when Li Moying and the others pounced over closely!

Li Moying and the others had rich experience and moreover, they had always been cooperating in his past time with wonderful mutual coordination hence the ghost masked man was forced into a tight corner as he kept falling into a disadvantage.

On seeing Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s top exponents about to reach, ghost masked man’s eyes flashed as he suddenly raised his hand and threw out the jade box hidden around his chest!

“Don’t you want the Bipolar Black Orchid? Take it!”

Following this shout, a pure white jade box enveloped in flame was sent crashing towards Cang Po Jun’s face!

The ghost masked man could tell that Cang Po Jun was the weakest among the trip hence he chose to threw it into his direction to break through the defense.

Cang Po Jun saw the jade box which was crashing towards him and indeed went into a blank as he subconsciously stretched out his hand to receive it however just as the moment when he touched the jade box, the jade box suddenly exploded!

“Move aside!” Liu Buyan kicked Cang Po Jun aside just in time.

Whereas Li Moying’s gaze was tightly fixed onto the ghost masked man, totally not shifting his attention away because of the jade box. On seeing that he was about to escape, he immediately leapt upwards and chased after them!

Two bursts of powerful energy clashed against each other in the middle of the sky!

A loud explosion reverberated and the ghost masked man was sent flying but on seeing Li Moying chasing up, he waved his right hand and suddenly a flame starting puffing out thick fumes of smoke as it blocked other people’s vision.

The smoke was just too thick and it was even tinged with a nose piercing smell as it made one felt like tearing up.

Even for Li Moying, he was also obstructed for a few moments.

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s practitioner chased right up and a Wind attributed practitioner immediately dispersed the smoke, however, the ghost masked man had already disappeared without a trace.

Li Moying smashed his fist heavily onto the ground, “Damnit, we actually let that fellow escape!”

Cang Po Jun immediately knelt down with a plop, “Sovereign, This Subordinate is incapable…..”

Li Moying waved his hand cutting his words right off, “Enough, it has nothing to do with you, it’s This Sovereign… my ability isn’t enough!” Li Moying endured with the waves of dizziness and explosive pains in his head as he was suffocated to the max inside his heart!

Since when did the invincible him in his past life ever met with such a powerful opponent!

And he even joined hands with his subordinate and good friend, yet still let this fellow escape!

Although the ghost masked man suffered a serious internal injury under his utmost full power in the end, but the person still managed to escape under his eye!

At this very moment, Li Moying hated the Soul Detachment Illness of him more than ever!

If it wasn’t for this illness which made him temporarily unable to cultivate in this period of time, right now, he would at least be able to resume at least eighty percent of his past life’s ability.