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Chapter 2189: Who was that exactly (3)

Li Moying’s fingers gripped hard and suddenly, a sharp pain was felt from his palm and following that, it turned numb.

His hand suddenly lost consciousness and suddenly, it resumed back to normal quickly but Huang Yueli had already retracted her wrist from his hand and walked over towards the ghost masked man.

One step, two steps, three steps!

The minute she walked three steps, she immediately stopped and opened her mouth, “You should pass the Bipolar Black Orchid to…”

She hadn’t finished speaking when the ghost masked man instantly moved, and the arm which had an armour on it suddenly stretched forward, trying to grab Huang Yueli.

However, Huang Yueli’s speed was even faster because she had long prepared herself as her hands kept on throwing out hand gestures continuously.

For a moment, rampaging fiery flames circled towards the ghost masked man!

Amid the scorching flame, multiple cicada like flying daggers and exploding Thunder Flame Balls were mixed in between!

Various small mechanisms enveloped with fire attributed energy all gushed towards the ghost masked man’s face!

The ghost masked man was also guarded against Huang Yueli’s opposition but from what he thought, Huang Yueli was merely a young lass with ordinary ability so no matter how it was, the damage which she could inflict upon him was extremely limited.

He totally had not expected that her attack would actually be so ferocious and the speed was so fast that it made one’s eyes pop out!

Under shock, the ghost masked man’s speed slowed down a little and was immediately struck by three flying daggers into his flesh but after evasion, it didn’t cause any crucial damage to him.

Li Moying had been watching Huang Yueli’s actions closely and the both of them had the same thoughts so he actually guessed long ago on what Huang Yueli was trying to do, but using herself as bait was just too dangerous. Li Moying wasn’t willing to let her take the risk hence he tried to stop her.

Alas, no one, not even him could stop whatever Huang Yueli wanted to do!

The instant Huang Yueli made a move, Li Moying’s pupils contracted sharply and following that, numerous lighting started striking downwards from the sky, blocking the the ghost masked man’s path.

Li Moying growled lowly, “What daze are you still in! Let’s make a move together and make this fellow stay behind!”

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun’s reaction weren’t considered very slow as they immediately coordinated along with Li Moying to attack together.

Three bursts of powerful Profound Energy struck out together and the ghost masked man stretched out his hand to block it but he felt a lethargic feeling in both hands as an indescribably numb feeling was felt.

This was…. anaesthetic!

The ghost masked man immediately recalled that he was struck by the flying daggers which Huang Yueli shot over earlier!

Originally thinking that it was just an external injury and the harm caused by a seventh stage realm practitioner was like being bitten by a kitten which was no great matter at all.

However, never in his wildest dream had he expected that Huang Yueli was actually so scheming, to actually lace poison onto the flying daggers!

The ghost masked man was indeed a ninth stage realm peak powerful practitioner and under such circumstances, he was still able to force out a large amount of the poison from the Profound Energy in his meridians, thereby resuming his ability to move.

But, just the difference of these few breaths made him suffer Li Moying and the other’s frontal attack!

A loud “Boom” resounded!

The ghost masked man was sent flying away!

He flew out for ten over meters before he landed and crashed right onto the ground.

But immediately following that, he got up from the ground and held on to his slightly crooked vicious fierce ghost mask.

One could tell that although he was in an extremely sorry state and was obviously hurt, but his physique was shockingly strong, as he still had the ability to continue battling!

The ghost masked man gazed at them from ten over meters away, with a malicious look in his eyes.

Li Moying grabbed onto Huang Yueli’s wrist as he pushed her behind him.