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Chapter 2182: First time crossing swords (4)

Huang Yueli’s brows creased as she took a look in the direction of Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild when a bad premonition suddenly arose in her heart.

At this very moment, a burst of sharp shouting could be heard coming from the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.

Following that, a burst of flame split open the sky and immediately following that, brilliant rays from various kinds of Profound Skills could be seen as clashes were heard.

The earth started to shake vigorously as the noises made from Profound Energy clashes were deafening.

The practitioners present weren’t of very high cultivations hence they all started to stumble onto the ground from the impact.

For a moment in time, the competition grounds entered a state of chaos as screeches and collapsing sounds as it entered the ears.

Everyone realised that some accident must have happened to the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild and moreover from the looks of this powerfully strong Profound Skills and intimidating force, it was evident that the people who were crossing hands were all top ninth stage realm practitioners.

When these grades of top exponents crossed hands, if one wasn’t careful, they might just be caught in the calamity hence the spectators knew that they could not stay in this place for long as they all scurried around like mice, attempting to escape from the current scene.

Whereas when the Pill Masters knew that things weren’t wise and were all prepared to escape.

Later on, when Huang Yueli saw this scene, her expression instantly turned grave, “Bad! What accident did Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild get into? My Bipolar Black Orchid…”

She was thinking of that and her heart was burning with anxiety as she worked up her footwork and swiftly moved, as she ran towards the direction of Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.

The minute she got near, she saw a group of practitioners dressed in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s guards uniform engaged in an intense battle with a group of practitioners dressed in black.

It was evident that the black robed practitioners group had an obvious advantage. Every single person within the group had extraordinary skills as the Profound Skills they unleashed were earth shattering. Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s buildings had mostly been damaged under their attacks.

Whereas for Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild, there was only one ninth stage realm practitioner who led a team of eighth and seventh stage realm practitioners hence naturally their abilities naturally fell behind.

But the black robed practitioners seemed as though they didn’t want to kill anyone, only releasing several killer moves consecutively then after they struck all the guards down, they all started to get up and scurried away swiftly.

Huang Yueli creased her brows slightly and her gaze brushed past them when she suddenly noticed a familiar figure among the ten over men who were knocked unconscious at the entrance of Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.

She hurriedly ran over and pushed him with force, “Master Zhang, Master Zhang! How are you? Get up quickly, please get up quickly!”

Master Zhang indistinctly started to sober up and on seeing Huang Yueli, he coughed vigorously several times and panted while saying, “B… Bad! Those bl… black robed men, they snatched the Bipolar Black Orchid… thei…. Their abilities are very strong…..”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she instantly became so anxious as though she caught fire and drew out a bottle of healing medicinal pills as she threw it towards Master Zhang.

She then turned around towards the black robed men’s direction and chased after them!

However, she had just taken a few steps when she was pulled by someone from behind.

An exasperated voice rang beside her ears, “Li’er, have you gone mad? Don’t want to continue living anymore? Those black robed men are all ninth stage realm practitioners and if you chased after them, aren’t you just sending yourself to death?”

Huang Yueli turned her head back abruptly and met with Li Moying’s steely handsome face.

He stared coldly at Huang Yueli with his lips tightly pursed and his ten fingers on both hands clasped onto Huang Yueli’s wrist tightly, as though he was about to break her bones.

Huang Yueli bit her lips and said anxiously, “Moying, they… they snatched the Bipolar Black Orchid! We must hurry up and snatch it back, that’s a life-saving item!”