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Chapter 2176: Such low methods! (6)

Saying that, Feng Xiaoyan lifted her chin and looked at Huang Yueli provocatively, putting on a righteous look.

From what she saw, no matter what, Huang Yueli could not prove whose ice crystal it belonged to hence as long as she denied it to the very end, Huang Yueli would not be able to do anything to her!

As expected, Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “That’s right, what you said is logical as well and I indeed don’t have any proof to verify that this ice crystal belongs to someone else.”

Feng Xiaoyan revealed a delighted look, “That’s what I said right? Since you’re not able to give a clear explanation yourself then stop spouting nonsense. If that caused a misunderstanding, that wouldn’t be nice at all.”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up slightly and she put on an earnest attitude, “Alright, what you said is right. Since there’s no evidence then I can’t say that someone is out to harm me. Then… since this ice crystal doesn’t have an owner and it’s found underneath my pill furnace, then I’ll treat it as it’s mine?”

Saying that, she held the ice crystal and slipped it into her own pocket.

On seeing her action, her expression paled slightly.

It was until this moment when she suddenly recalled that this ice crystal was something very important to her.

Based on her own ability, it was actually very difficult to control the deviant flame while refining pills and sometimes when she made a mistake, she required the ice crystal to make amendments.

Usually she could forget about it while refining those first or second level medicinal pills but now it was the crucial round of the Rising Star Competition so she must try her best to refine third level medicinal pills and under this circumstance, if she was short of the ice crystal, it would greatly decrease the success rate of her pill refining!

Feng Xiaoyan had only realised this now but it was all too late.

She definitely couldn’t jump and claim this ice crystal at this moment so she could only watch Huang Yueli claim the ice crystal with her bare eyes.

Huang Yueli’s face revealed a smile as though she was extremely happy, “That’s great, picked up a piece of ice crystal for free! I’m not able to get such a fine quality from the shops outside! No matter who it was who dropped the ice crystal at my furnace, I ought to be grateful to her!”

When Feng Xiaoyan heard that, she was so angry that her face turned pale!

She had really never met someone who took one’s undeserved gains for granted in such a manner!

She sacrificed such a fine piece of ice crystal just to make Huang Yueli fall into bad luck but why was it that this wretched lass’s luck was so good? Her ability was so strong and she was able to turn misfortune into good luck each time. Why was she the one who always ran into bad luck every single time?

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about her as she turned towards Master Zhang, “Master Zhang, my apologies, earlier it could have been my own mistake and having delayed other people’s time for so long. Following this, let’s continue with the competition!”

Master Zhang nodded his head and indicated to the assistant by the side, to continue using the hourglass to continue with the time.

Huang Yueli started refining again and very quickly, she entered the state and was fully concentrated into it.

One furnace of another of third level medicinal pills were refined out from her hands and the smooth flow of her methods along with her elegant poses as well as her practically abnormal rate of success raised the crowd’s praises time and again.

In comparison, Feng Xiaoyan’s side was extremely dishevelled.

The failure in scheming Huang Yueli time and again made Feng Xiaoyan feel extremely unbearable and melancholic and originally she already found it hard to exhibit her corresponding standard.

Adding on to the fact that her ice crystal had been kept away by Huang Yueli, she was short of a tempo and that raised an even higher demand towards her pill refining standard.

Feng Xiaoyan originally didn’t have a high success rate of refining third level medicinal pills and now, she kept on committing mistakes.

In the next five consecutive batches, there was only one successful batch.