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Chapter 2175: Such low methods! (5)

The crowd were ridiculing out of injustice and at the same time, their gazes intentionally and unintentionally shot towards Feng Xiaoyan.

One just needed to turn their thoughts around and they were able to deduce that the only Pill Master who was closest to Huang Yueli was Feng Xiaoyan. Moreover she and Huang Yueli were competitors and she was the one who was most envious of Huang Yueli. Just yesterday, she had just lost her face in front of Huang Yueli.

No matter from which angle they thought from, she was the most suspicious person.

Feng Xiaoyan detected everyone’s gaze and she felt extremely uneasy as she instantly cried out.

“You all.. why are all of you looking at me? Bai Ruoli, what do you mean by that? What are you hinting at? It’s obviously your own mistake for throwing the ice crystal into the fire entrance and yet you’re saying such things! You’re splashing dirty water onto me!”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose, “What? Did I say that you did it? You’re so anxious to fit into the position, could it be that you’re feeling guilty?”

Feng Xiaoyan realised that she was being too anxious after being said like that and instantly her face flushed red.

“You… who’s feeling guilty? You’re obviously misleading everyone!”

“Misleading?” Huang Yueli’s lips curled and a cold glint flashed past her eyes, “I’m not just spouting nonsense casually, perhaps we can all take a look at the origin of this ice crystal?”

Saying that, she passed the piece of ice crystal in her hand to Master Zhang who was standing next to her and spoke out at the same time, “Master Zhang, please take a look. Does this piece of ice crystal seem a little familiar?”

Master Zhang took a careful look and cried out in shock, “This… this kind of ice crystal is something that our Alchemist Guild specially distributes to our Pill Masters!”

“What?” Everyone was extremely surprised.

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes popped out as she spoke out in disbelief, “Master Zhang, what are you saying? This ice crystal is no different from those being sold in the market, how could you say that this is specially distributed out within the Alchemist Guild?”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly as she intentionally asked, “Yes, Master Zhang, you have to look carefully! What’s the difference between this ice crystal and those being sold in the stores?”

Master Zhang explained, “Of course there’s a difference! The ice crystal that we Alchemist Guild Pill Masters get all derived from an ore artery from the Northern Ice Fields and within the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, there’s only this ore artery which produces the finest quality so even those sold in the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild is merely first class! So ordinary people totally aren’t able to get such a good piece of ice crystal!”

Huang Yueli expected this long ago as she nodded her head.

She had just heard from Dai Boqi about this two days ago hence she had a deep impression of it.

But Feng Xiaoyan apparently didn’t know about the difference in such a quality and on hearing that, her expression grew even uglier, “Master Zhang, aren’t your words a little too merciless? Special grade ice crystal, perhaps it might be given out by the Pill Masters to someone else or sold off?”

Master Zhang frowned, “This is not impossible as well but those veteran Pill Masters all know that the Alchemist Guild will distribute the best quality and would arrange to keep it well, how would they possibly just give it to anyone casually?”

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyeballs turned and quickly thought of a new explanation.

“That might not be true, if some Pill Master who’s already a ninth ranked Divine Doctor usually doesn’t even use the ice crystal, then having taken in an intelligent young disciple, naturally he wouldn’t be that petty so perhaps he might have gifted her with that piece of ice crystal?”

Feng Xiaoyan insisted on biting on to the fact that the ice crystal belonged to Huang Yueli and it was due to her own carelessness that she dropped it inside the pill furnace.