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Chapter 2169: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (7)

Feng Xiaoyan didn’t dare to waste any time as she spoke a word of “thanks” to Master Zhang and hurriedly continued to refine the next batch.

She had just added the first kind of medicinal herbs not too long ago when she heard Huang Yueli pressing the bell.

“Young Miss Bai also refined her first batch of medicinal pills! Her speed isn’t slow as well!”

“Indeed Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple, even though she’s not a third rank Pill Master, she still has astonishing speed!”

Master Zhang also hurriedly walked over to inspect the medicinal pills which Huang Yueli had refined.

Feng Xiaoyan heard the crowd’s praises and exclamation but she didn’t think much about it as she didn’t feel anxious at all.

So what if this wretched lass had refined with a batch of medicinal pills? No matter how it was, it was merely second level medicinal pills and totally weren’t of any threat to her.

Master Zhang was filled with praise as he nodded towards Huang Yueli and walked to the side of the furnace.

Yesterday Huang Yueli had saved his life in the nick of time and he was extremely grateful to her, moreover he was also full of praise towards her pill refining innate talent.

But when he saw the few small pills that laid inside the furnace, the expression on his face was incomparably startled.

Master Zhang was in a daze for moments as he stretched out his hand to rub his own eyes.

“This… this… These are all….”

His tongue was tied and for a long time, he was unable to speak out a complete sentence.

His reaction made everyone look curiously, and even Feng Xiaoyan also turned her eyes over for a curious look.

Master Zhang took a deep breath as he put his hand into the pill furnace and took a small little pill out, “This… this is the White Crane Pill! Consuming this kind of pill will increase the practitioner’s responsiveness and speed!”

“PWAH—What? Third level medicinal pill??”

“Young Miss Bai actually refined a third level pill!!”

“White Crane Pill, I heard of this before. This medicinal pill is very expensive and one pill alone is worth several thousands of high grade spirit stones and it can’t even be found in ordinary pharmacies!”

The spectators all widened their eyes and stared at the pill in Master Zhang’s hand with a face of disbelief!

They totally had not expected that Huang Yueli simply casually refined out a third level medicinal pill!

From second rank Pill Master to third rank Pill Master, this is an extremely difficult promotion crux to cross.

Those under twenty years old and able to refine third level medicinal pills’ Pill Master would all become Pill Grandmasters of eighth rank and above, and they were the genuine Divine Doctors!

Whereas for Huang Yueli, she’s only….. sixteen??

The most astonished person was Feng Xiaoyan.

She originally just spared a little bit of effort to take a look at Huang Yueli but in the end, all she saw was the White Crane Pill in Master Zhang’s hands!

Moreover, from the quality of the pill, it seemed to be a third level middle grade White Crane Pill!

She self-acclaimed that she was a third rank Pill Master but as her skills weren’t exquisite enough, she was only able to refine third level lower grade pills until now, and had not been able to refine third level middle grade ones yet!

Feng Xiaoyan was so shocked that her hands shook and burnt the medicinal ingredients in the pill furnace into coal but luckily, she was just in the beginning stage of refinement so this time round, it didn’t result in a tragic explosive end.

But right now, she could no longer care about her own medicinal pills as she shot right up next to Huang Yueli and popped her head towards the pill furnace to take a look.

“No, impossible! You’ve just learnt pill refining skills for over a month, how is it possible that you can refine third level medicinal pills out? Moreover these are third level middle grade pills! You’re definitely cheating isn’t it?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she spoke with a smile that didn’t resemble a smile, “Young Miss Feng, you said that I’m cheating, do you have any proof?”