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Chapter 2168: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (6)

When the crowd heard that, they instantly gained some spirit.

“What? Could it be that Young Miss Bai wants to refine third level medicinal pills? Does that mean she’s already at the standard of third rank Pill Master?”

“Not possible right? I feel that it’s impossible! If it was truly like this, her innate talent would surpass Divine Doctor Liu already!”

“Don’t make wild guesses, who set the rules that if one used third level medicinal herbs then that would mean that they must refine third level medicinal pills? Third level medicinal herbs can be used to refine second level medicinal pills and it would raise the success rate by a huge percentage, that’s a kind of tactic!”

“Oh…. So it’s like this…”

Apparently, the last explanation could be accepted by the others more easily and quite a number of them believe in it.

Feng Xiaoyan also swept a glance at Huang Yueli from the corner of her eye with similar thinking as the spectators.

Using high levelled medicinal herbs to refine low level medicinal pills would indeed raise the success rate by twenty percent or so and in this kind of competition, this was one of the safest ways.

Feng Xiaoyan ascertained that it was not possible for Huang Yueli to attain the standard of third rank Pill Master hence from what she thought, using a third level medicinal herb like was an intelligent pragmatic way.

If one did not have a certain level of insight, ordinary Pill Masters would not know that they could do this at all!

It must be Divine Doctor Dai who taught her this.This wretched lass really had a great Master!

Unfortunately, even if it was like this, what she refined was still a second level medicinal pill and the points that she would obtain would only be one third of what a third level medicinal pill would attain!

Feng Xiaoyan’s thoughts were racing in her mind as the actions on her hands increased in speed.

Yesterday night, she already found out about the topic from Feng Zhensheng hence after discussing with him for an entire night, she confirmed the type of medicinal pill and sequence that she would be refining, so that she could save some time during the competition, so as to guarantee that she would be able to attain the greatest number of points.

Now what she was refining was a second level medicinal pill, and not a third level one.

It wasn’t because she didn’t wanted to refine third level medicinal pills but the success rate of third level pills was just too low, and if she were to start of refining the medicinal pills with the highest level of difficulty, the pressure was just too great and if she failed continuously, it might affect her development later on.

Hence, her plan was to refine all of the second level medicinal pills first and to guarantee that she would be able to come out with a few trays of second level medicinal pills and based on this foundation, charge towards third level medicinal pills.

In this way, with the foundation pills as a base, she would just need to refine one or two trays of third level medicinal pills and first place would then come easily to her.

Of course, as to what kinds of second and third level medicinal pills to refine, Feng Xiaoyan had roughly planned it out so all she needed to do was just to follow according to the prescribed order and complete it.

Feng Xiaoyan began her refinement in a proficient manner.

Today her condition had basically recovered and her professional posture attracted quite an amount of attention from the crowd.

“Young Miss Feng’s speed is really fast. From her looks, it seems that her first tray of medicinal pills are almost ready!”

“That’s of course, she’s a third rank Pill Master! Yesterday’s competition didn’t allow her to exhibit the potential she has but today is totally different!”

“Look there quickly, she’s opening the furnace lid!”

Feng Xiaoyan was the earliest in refining hence she was also the fastest to complete her first tray.

She opened the furnace lid and under Master Zhang’s attentive watch, she retrieved eight pieces of Poison Purging Pills from the furnace.

“Second level medicinal pills, three points for one piece and there’s a total of eight pieces here so that’s twenty four points! Not too bad, you’re the first to refine out your pills and moreover those are second level medicinal pills!”

Feng Xiaoyan gave a slight smile when she heard that.

She was rather satisfied with her performance and although the quantity wasn’t a lot, but at least she was off on a good start to immediate success and obtained the lead.