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Chapter 2167: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (5)

So, she still had a high chance of success!

Master Zhang paused for a moment and said, “As the first two rounds were rather intense, hence the judging committee had a discussion last night and increased the relative difficulty in the third round of competition so the regulations are not the same as previous seasons.”

Saying that, he pointed to the bamboo basket in front of the participants.

“Has everyone seen the medicinal herbs that you’ve received? Do you feel that there are many kinds? Actually, there’s a total of a hundred plus medicinal herbs in this basket. Basically all the commonly used medicinal herbs from first to third level are all covered within.”

“Your mission today, is to make use of the medicinal herbs in this basket and it’s up to your liberty to refine the highest level of medicinal pill that you can. Every participant’s medicinal herbs are the same and there are no replenishments. Six hours later, the total number of medicinal pills that you have refined will all be added into your total points.”

“If you have understood that, will everyone please start to refine your pills!”

After Huang Yueli heard the regulations that Master Zhang said, her brows lifted in surprise.

Looked like what Dai Boqi expected wasn’t wrong at all. The third round of the Rising Star Competition indeed had some level of difficulty.

They had to choose the variety of the medicinal herb themselves and had a free reign over the medicinal pill which they could refine and although that sounded quite simple, but in actual fact, it was of the highest difficulty.

As there was only one set of medicinal herb whereas the success rate of pill refining was normally not high, so if they were to choose a third level medicinal pill, the success rate would be even lower and once they failed, not to mention about waste the huge amount of time, there was no replenishment for the medicinal pill which they had used so it would result in many other medicinal pills not being able to be refined.

But if they were to refine a first level medicinal pill, the success rate would increase by a huge amount. However the points awarded would definitely be much lower.

How should one choose was actually not just testing the Pill master’s skills, but also their courage, success rate and planning ability.

No wonder Dai Boqi had arranged the information into a manual yesterday and made her read it through the night!

Huang Yueli squatted down next to her basket to examine the medicinal herbs in the bamboo basket and compared it against the notes that she’d read yesterday, a number of medicinal pills started to surface in her mind.

If not for last night’s cramming, she would probably be at a disadvantage today because who would be able to recall so much in such a short amount of time?

Huang Yueli took a look at Feng Xiaoyan to discover that while other people were choosing their medicinal herbs, Feng Xiaoyan had already geared up to grab the initiative and begun refining.

It was then when Huang Yueli realised that it was obvious that Feng Zhensheng had already revealed the topic of the competition to Feng Xiaoyan.

Otherwise, just thinking of which medicinal pill to refine would expend some time, so how would one be itching to get started? This topic’s main focus was not on the pill refining speed!

Huang Yueli spent a bit of time examining the medicinal herbs’ medicinal effects in her hands and she quickly ascertained a plan for refining her pills.

Like the day before, she lit up the open flame and sent it into the fire entrance.

Even though she had control, the most common and ordinary flame, but after yesterday’s competition, no one dared to belittle this mere open flame.

Huang Yueli had already exhibited to them that the type of flame wasn’t important. What was important was who was the one controlling it!

The speed of the flame being heated up was swift and after it reached the designated temperature, Huang Yueli’s right hand swung and she threw a stalk of medicinal herb into the furnace.

One of the sharp eyed spectators cried out, “That stalk seems like the third level medicinal herb Serene Cloud Grass!”