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Chapter 2166: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (4)

Even more gazes were shot towards Huang Yueli!

As the winner from the first two rounds of competition, maintaining an absolute leading advantage, Huang Yueli’s pill refining innate talent was no longer a doubt!

Adding on to her cultivation which she had unwittingly unleashed yesterday, it made her became the focus of the entire Sky Emperor City overnight!

At this moment, the halo on her was no longer “Young Sect Master Li’s fiancée”, but a peerless genius within Sky Emperor City where the strong were like clouds!

Amid everyone’s attention, Huang Yueli walked down the flying ship next to Li Moying.

Huang Yueli pushed the man beside her, indicating for him to head to the VIP seating.

However, Li Moying couldn’t bear to leave as he merely whispered next to her ear for some time before leaving reluctantly.

At this moment, even though they weren’t able to hear what the both of them were talking about, what was in everyone’s eyes were just full of admiration.

“Young Sect Master Li and Young Miss Bai are really too loving, every time they appear, they would always be so dearly with each other.”

“I seriously protest to such casual show of love! They’re just too inconsiderate!”

Various kinds of envious and hatred voices could be heard as a lady cloaked in a hood couldn’t help but scoff.

Another man who was also clad in a black robe turned his head to take a look at her upon hearing that, “Why? Feeling uncomfortable? Have you recalled the scene back then? Twenty over years ago, every time Mu Chengying and Huang Yueli appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, they also acted like this. A talented man and a beautiful woman, with overpowering potentials but yet only had eyes for each other, not allowing anyone to butt in…”

Ling Qing Yu interrupted him coldly, “Shut up! No one will treat you like a mute if you don’t speak!”

Chi Xiao Jiu sneered, “I merely wanted to remind you that if we fail again in today’s mission, Sire Zhan will absolutely be extremely furious! Don’t you intentionally give in the game just because the other party is someone from the Blue Profound Sect!”

Ling Qing Yu put on a black face, “You’d better first weigh yourself first! If this mission fails, it will absolutely not be because that I threw the game, but more likely… it’s because you don’t have enough ability!”


Huang Yueli had already walked to the competitor’s seating on the competition grounds.

Feng Xiaoyan had arrived earlier than her as she was already seated on her own seat.

She hadn’t suffered a major injury the day before and after one night’s rest, her spirits had apparently recovered by quite a bit.

On seeing Huang Yueli walking over, a hint of hatred and envy flashed past Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes as her lips moved but eventually said nothing at all.

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about her as she stood right in front of her own pill furnace.

When Master Zhang saw that all the participants had arrived, he indicated for everyone to quieten down as he began to explain the regulations of the third round.

“Firstly, a very much welcome to everyone for coming to view the third round of the Pill Master Rising Star Competition. The third round of every time’s Rising Star Competition is the most important round and as compared to the first two round where full marks are a total of twenty points each, but the points in the third round will increase without any boundaries! As long as you have the ability, your total marks will be able to leave the first two rounds in the dust! So even if the participant had gained a huge advantage in the first two rounds, no one can guarantee that after the third round finishes, one can still maintain first place!

“There is still a huge suspense for today’s competition so will all participants please try your best!”

Hearing Master Zhang’s incitement, Feng Xiaoyan couldn’t help but lift up her chest as she stole a peek at Huang Yueli.

The third round of competition was totally a contest between third rank Pill Masters and no matter how great Huang Yueli’s innate talent was, surely it was not possible for her to be able to become a third rank Pill Master in such a short amount of time right?