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Chapter 2165: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (3)

Earlier, she somehow felt a burst of sinisterly cold gaze which pursued after her….

But on turning back, in the vast sea of people, she totally wasn’t able to locate the owner of the gaze.

Could it be a misperception?

After returning to Blue Profound Sect, Huang Yueli first chased Li Moying to sleep before returning to the pill refining room.

Today, although she had obtained success in the first two rounds of competition and had attained a huge leading advantage, but she had always been prudent and knew that in crucial moments like this, she could not afford to be lax all the more, otherwise if any accident were to happen, she might just end up falling short of success.

So she still wanted to train for a little while more.

She had not expected that the minute she entered the pill refining room, she discovered Dai Boqi already seated right there.

On seeing her walking in , Old Master Dai broke out into a satisfactorily smile, “Not bad, indeed the disciple whom this old man has taken fancy of. Today you’ve already taken the lead by so many points and yet still know to be prepared for the third round of competition. Neither conceited nor rash with your two feet firmly planted onto the ground, there aren’t too many youngsters like this now!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “Master, why haven’t you gone to rest yet?”

Dai Boqi coughed and said, “This Master is worried that you might meet with some difficulties in the third round of competition hence I’ve rearranged a set of information for you in these past two days, which is useful to you for the competition tomorrow. Hurry on and take a look! Luckily your memory is good enough so you probably won’t need much time and you’d be able to finish reading it all.”

As he said that, he passed a manuscript to Huang Yueli.

She received the manuscript and flipped through it simply only to discover that it was rather thick, with at least two hundred pages or more and the information which was recorded inside were all third level medicinal pills’ prescriptions. Moreover every single page had Dai Boqi’s personal annotation, which were extra detailed.

Huang Yueli spoke out while feeling very touched, “Master, your this…. it’s really been too hard on you, what I need now is exactly this information!”

Needless to think, so much information and annotations definitely took a huge load of time for Dai Boqi to complete and under such a pressurising time limit, he might have burnt the midnight oil just to complete it.

He was already at such an old age and his body condition wasn’t at its best condition but for a disciple like her, to overwork himself in such a manner…..

Dai Boqi felt extremely delighted but his face was filled with disdain, “Enough, enough, don’t put on a sobbing face like this. This old man tidied up these information because I’m afraid that your performance tomorrow is not up to standard and you will throw This Master’s face away! Hurry on and read it well! Don’t blame this old man for not reminding you, generally speaking, the third round of the Rising Star Competition mostly assesses on third level prescriptions and the difficulty is very high so only veteran third ranked Pill Masters are able to gain victory, moreover, sometimes it’s based on luck as well! Don’t you treat this lightly!”

Huang Yeuli kept nodding her head, “Master, don’t worry!”

She picked up the manual and sat next to the palace lamp as she started to read in detail.

It took merely a few breaths of time and she had already entered the mode as she was entirely devoted into studying.

Dai Boqi silently nodded when he saw that and quietly left the pill refining room.

A night’s time quickly went past.

Early next morning, under Li Moying and the other’s accompaniment, Huang Yueli sat on the Snow Cloud Sky Ship and arrived at the Rising Star Competition grounds.

The second day of the competition was the most crucial moment for victory and those practitioners who came forward to view were apparently much more than the previous day!

The minute Snow Cloud Sky Ship appeared in the sky above, it immediately attracted many people’s gazes.

But this time round, most of them were not looking at Li Moying.