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Chapter 2164: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (2)

There were various kinds inside and some were set up by Huang Yueli personally over twenty overs ago.

If one didn’t have the blueprint of the mechanisms, even an eighth ranked Armament Master can forget about leaving that place alive.

Moreover, besides that, Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild also employed many top expertise guards nearby, and there are also three ninth stage realm peak Sky Chart Elders who would be on rotation duty every other day.

Under such heavy obstruction, even if Chi Xiao Jiu and the others were ninth stage realm top exponents, slipping in to steal something was practically something impossible.

Only thing was, although the Bipolar Black Orchid was a rare medicinal herb, but the use of that item itself wasn’t very widely used and there were only a few Pill Masters who were able to refine it into pills, so they totally wouldn’t go snatch it forcibly.

If it was a ready manufactured pill, locking it into the top grade warehouse would be something common.

But this was just a medicinal pill and moreover it was just a prize for the mere Rising Star Competition so what on earth was he trying to do, making such an exaggerated commotion?

Lord Zhan frowned as he pondered over this for half a day but still couldn’t get what Feng Zhensheng was thinking about.

Of course he wouldn’t know that Feng Zhensheng was scared stiff by Huang Yueli’s tricks and was deeply afraid that she might intentionally find trouble with them if she couldn’t obtain the medicinal herb hence he locked it up.

Chi Xiao Jiu lowered his head as he spoke out softly, “This….This Subordinate isn’t clear of the reason as well but the news that the Bipolar Black Orchid in the top grade warehouse is definitely for real! Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild even sent an Elder to personally deliver the medicinal herb. Your Subordinates, we attempted to enter the top grade warehouse but we almost triggered the mechanisms on several occasions…”

Lord Zhan gave a cold laugh, “So, you few trash have no other way? You’re one of the leaders of the Seven Sacred Lands and yet you’re just so useless?”

This sentence was like a slap on Chi Xiao Jiu’s face and as the Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, he also had his pride and he clenched his teeth for a moment as his fury practically flared up.

However, not too long later, he endured it all.

The power of this Lord Zhan’s potential was just too strong and the methods he resorted too were too vicious, those who had not experienced it personally would find it hard to imagine.

If it was not for this, he wouldn’t be resigned to be controlled by him for so many years…..

When Ling Qing Yu saw this, she hastily tried to explain, “Lord Zhan, please be appeased! Your Subordinates here do not have the ability and we don’t dare to barge in forcibly. Moreover you specially instructed us to absolutely not expose our identities…”

When Lord Zhan heard that, he scoffed, “So in this way, it’s my fault?”

Ling Qing Yu realised that she said the wrong words as she shivered and hurriedly explained, “N, No, it’s Your Subordinate who is incapable…..”

Lord Zhan shot a cold glance at them but didn’t say a single word.

Chi Xiao Jiu and the others had sweat pouring down their backs as they lowered their heads while feeling extremely terrified on how they would end up after this.

A long time later, Lord Zhan’s voice was heard coming from afar, “Since the medicinal herb is placed in the top grade warehouse, then we need not bother about it temporarily. Anyway tomorrow after the competition has ended, they will still need to retrieve the stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid and by then… you’d better not make This Lord disappointed!”

On the other end, Huang Yueli followed Li Moying and under the crowd’s envious and revered gazes, they returned to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.

The moment before they got up the ship, she seemed to have detected something and turned her head back to take a look.

“What’s the matter?” Li Moying squeezed her palm and asked curiously.

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Nothing? There’s too many people here and it’s a little too noisy, let’s head back earlier.”

Li Moying nodded his head and without a doubt, he led her up the ship.

However, Huang Yueli’s unsettled feeling began to grow for no reason.