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Chapter 2163: Contest between third ranked Pill Masters (1)

Seeing that the competition had come to the end of a phase, the spectators all started to leave and that man who was wearing a mask also got up and left.

The group of people walked past a few alleys and reached a desolated corner before stopping.

The leader of the pack stood still and the rest of the other men all took off the hoods which were used to conceal their faces as they bowed in respect.

“Lord Zhan, we’ve not expected that you actually came personally to view the competition…”

The person who said that was Ling Qing Yu and other than her, Chi Xiao Jiu was also present and the other two people were also first rate top exponents in the Seven Sacred Lands.

At this moment, it seems as though they were followers as they spoke out meekly while following behind him, bending their waists so low that they almost couldn’t stand up straight.

Lord Zhan’s gaze was profound and the expression behind the mask was totally unable to be seen as his voice seemed slightly frigid, “Earlier have you all seen Li Moying make a move? What are your thoughts?”

The few of them exchanged glances, not knowing why he asked this, and they all didn’t know how to answer him.

After sometime later, Chi Xiao Jiu then replied with a probing sense, “This… Young Sect Master Li’s ability, as compared to ten over days ago in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild, seems to have advanced again… he’s indeed like what the rumours claim, a peerless genius who is much more outstanding as compared to Mu Chengying in his younger days…”

When Chi Xiao Jiu said these, he was feeling both envious and jealous.

That year, he had once been envious of Mu Chengying but as the other party’s innate talent was wonderful, he totally had no way to compete against the other party’s potential!

Now, originally he thought that he was the senior and could at least bully Mu Chengying’s disciple to gain his face back, however Li Moying’s ability at such a young age, had almost surpassed him!

When Lord Zhan heard his analysis, his lips curled into a cold smile, “Advanced again? That might not be so? Ha ha…”

Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu was dazed but they didn’t dare to raise any questions as they could only lower down their heads.

Lord Zhan paused for a mere moment as though he was pondering over something when he suddenly asked again, “Earlier I made you guys head over to the Alchemist Guild to obtain the Bipolar Black Orchid from Feng Zhensheng, now… who can tell me, where’s the item?”

Hearing that, everyone trembled as their forehead was filled with cold sweat which uncontrollably dripped down, not daring to breathe loudly at all.

When Lord Zhan saw this scenario, his voice turned even colder, “What? You didn’t manage to get the thing? Hadn’t This Lord already warned you the last time? You weren’t able to bid for the Purified Branch the last time at the auction and This Lord had already given you a chance to let you use this time to redeem for your past mistake but now you didn’t even manage to steal it? You are all ninth stage realm top exponents, merely an Alchemist Guild and they could also stop you? Or am I to say that you feel that This Lord does not dare to do anything to you?”

His tone was turning colder and colder and until the very end, it was even filled with an evident murderous intent!

Chi Xiao Jiu and the others were shaking with fear as they all knelt down onto the ground and kept begging for mercy.

“Lord Zhan, Lord Zhan! Please be appeased! It’s not that Your Subordinates are not willing to make any effort, simply…. simply is because things are out of our expectations!”

“That’s right Lord Zhan, we didn’t expect the Alchemist Guild to actually hide the Bipolar Black Orchid so well this time round! They hid it into Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s top grade warehouse!”

Lord Zhan frowned, “What? Feng Zhensheng actually put the Bipolar Black Orchid in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild? Why did he do such a thing for?”

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s top grade warehouse wasn’t some ordinary place.

In order to maintain the Guild’s various auction item’s safety, the top grade warehouse’s surroundings were set up with numerous high levelled arrays.