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Chapter 2162: Like a joke (12)

Feng Xiaoyan climbed up from the ground and looked at Li Moying’s departing back.

In her eyes, other than feeling ashamed, there was an even more indescribable resentment.

Earlier even though Li Moying had mercilessly threatened them, but Li Moying’s greatness and suave looks had made her totally apprehensive!

At the same time, she hated Huang Yueli even more!

Why was this wretched lass’s life so good! To be pampered by a man like Li Moying! That really makes one go insane from jealousy!

After a flurry of urgent cleaning up, the competition’s disoriented situation finally took a turn for the better.

The second round of competition restarted the new countdown of the remaining timing.

Feng Xiaoyan felt pain all over her body and was cutting a sorry state until even her hands kept shaking uncontrollably. Her situation really wasn’t suitable for her to continue with the competition.

However, she wasn’t resigned to letting her efforts go to waste so she insisted on continuing to refine pills.

Master Zhang could only change another pill furnace and another set of medicinal herbs for her, so as to let her continue refining.

Originally Master Zhang was worried that Huang Yueli would object to it but in the end, she merely casted a faint gaze and a seemingly invisible smile surfaced on her lips but she said nothing more.

Feng Xiaoyan almost threw up blood from anger, this wretched lass, did she really assume that she would get the champion?

Even if she temporarily came in first in these two rounds of competition, but there was the third round coming up! The third round… that was the true blue difficult competition and the total marks is even more than the first two rounds added up!

Without a third rank Pill Master’s ability, there was totally no way that she could fight with her!

Feng Xiaoyan comforted herself in this manner and forcibly controlled her deviant flame as she started off her last round of refining.

Alas, all her efforts had come to naught. Huang Yueli’s development was stable, even though such a huge incident happened earlier but her mood seemed as though it was not affected at all as every single move of hers was still composed and elegant.

Not too long later, Huang Yueli’s third tray of the Fatigue Relief Pill was refined.

Continuously refined for three times and all three rounds were successful, this success rate was simply shocking! But when it happened to Huang Yueli, it made one feel that it was expected.

Master Zhang took out the last few medicinal pills from the pill furnace, “That’s incredible! Indeed Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple! Young Miss Bai’s three trays of Fatigue Relief Pill has turned out in ten pieces, nine pieces and twelve pieces of medicinal pills respectively and the medicinal effects have all reached second level upper grade!”

“The winner of the second round of competition belongs to Young Miss Bai, without a doubt! This round’s total points is twenty points and because she had succeeded consecutively, each tray of medicinal pills has an additional of ten extra points with a total of twenty points. Adding on the twenty points from the first round, she had obtained a total of sixty points!”

“Wow! What high points she has!”

“This is simply a miracle!”

Hearing this result, although it was within their expectations, but it still made many cry out in surprise.

In the past, the person in the first place who won in the first two rounds, there weren’t many participants who had obtained full marks, nor did anyone manage to get so many supplementary points, Huang Yueli was considered as the first one to get it!

Master Zhang said a word of “Congratulations” with a huge beam and said, “Today’s competition shall end here right now. The last round has a longer duration so it shall be held tomorrow morning, will all participants please come on time.”

Seeing Huang Yueli leaving in the crowd’s escort, Feng Xiaoyan was so infuriated that her teeth were itching!

On the spectators seating, a few black robed men who were acting suspiciously hid at the very last end of the crowd.

The one who led them had a malevolent mask on his face!