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Chapter 2161: Like a joke (11)

However, whoever knew that Li Moying loved his fiancée dearly and practically didn’t have any misgivings about it.

In front of a peerless strong practitioner like him, Feng Zhensheng felt as though he was the smallest ever little ant, and the other party just needed to lift his finger to crush him completely, causing him to die without any burial ground!

It was until this moment, in between a fine line of life and death, when he was genuinely frightened!

However, it was all too late.

The him now, couldn’t even speak out a single word of mercy!

Not only him, Feng Xiaoyan continuously threw up a few mouthfuls of blood under such powerful and tremendous pressure as her complexion turned deadly pale like writing paper.

This scene happened too suddenly and many practitioners present hadn’t managed to react in time. Even if there were a few who were able to react in time, they totally didn’t dare to provoke Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master’s authority hence no one came to save them at all.

Just as Feng family’s father-daughter duo were totally despondent, Li Moying’s figure suddenly halted as he stopped in his tracks.

Two long fair and slender fingers stretched out from his back, tugging at his sleeve.

“Moying, don’t haggle with these two shameless people, we’re not here to fight today but to obtain the championship of the Rising Star Competition!” Huang Yueli spoke out softly.

Li Moying’s expression was cold, “They dare to turn things from black to white and malign you, since their conscience has already turned awry, then This Seat doesn’t mind digging out their conscience to see what colour it is!”

The cold but magnetic voice was sexy and melodious but the words that he spoke made one shuddered badly!

Especially the Feng father-daughter duo who laid limp on the ground, they were shaking so much that they couldn’t stop at all.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as she said, “Even if we want to teach them a lesson, we need not be so hasty to do so right now. Otherwise if the rumour spreads, it might even say that I went to the Alchemist Guild to snatch the medicinal herb! Let’s wait till the competition has ended then talk about this again!”

Li Moying hesitated for a moment but eventually still heeded her advice as he slowly withdrew his aura.

It was until he took a step back and returned next to Huang Yueli before Feng Xiaoyan and Feng Zhensheng could finally breathe and that moment, simply seemed as though they had a new lease of life…

“Enough, why are you still squibbling here for? An explosion happened during the competition originally because you, the President didn’t make enough preparations. This pill furnace’s quality is a little too lousy isn’t it!”

Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi walked to the side of the competition grounds.

Dai Boqi was someone of virtue and prestige and when the participants and judging committee saw him, they didn’t forget to bow their heads low to pay their respects.

He fiddled with his beard and coughed, “The time isn’t young anymore so stop the squibbing! And there’s still so many participants who have yet to complete their refinement! Do you really wish to cancel the competition?”

The few committees seemed as though they had been woken up from their dream as they all returned to their own positions to maintain law and order.

Dai Boqi and Liu Buyan surveyed one round and ignored the two ashened faced Feng father-daughter duo as they turned around and headed back to the VIP seating.

Huang Yueli nudged the man beside her, “Alright, I’m going to continue with the competition, go back as well!”

Li Moying took a deep gaze at her and was just about to speak out when he was pulled along by Liu Buyan from the back.

“Enough, so many people are watching so stop acting lovey dovey, you’re disrupting Little Junior sister from refining her pills!”

Li Moying turned his head back and stared hard at him, “You’re looking for death?”

Huang Yueli helplessly shook her head, “Enough, can the both of you please stop arguing. If I can’t get first place, will the both of you be responsible?”

Li Moying then left unwillingly.