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Chapter 2148: This question is well asked (2)

Master Zhang pointed at the big box behind him and the opening at the top of the box was big enough for one hand to be put in.

“In a moment, everyone will be drawing a piece of paper and on that paper will be your topic. There will be a randomised name of a second level medicinal pill. After drawing the topic, you will receive three sets of corresponding medicinal herbs. Your task is to use these three sets of medicinal herbs to refine one tray of medicinal pills and the pills which you refined will be judged based on the quality and quantity, thereby obtaining different points.”

“Next, everyone please get up to draw lots!”

Once Master Zhang finished talking, he expressed the intention for everyone to move upwards.

As the second round of drawing order was ascertained based on the first round’s ranking, hence Huang Yueli stood at the front of the queue and became the first to draw lots.

She stood still in front of the box but she didn’t put her hand in immediately to draw. Rather, she turned her head towards Master Zhang and enquired, “Master Zhang, earlier regarding the regulations that you mentioned, I don’t quite understand some points so I’d like for you to give me some pointers.”

Master Zhang courteously replied, “Young Miss Bai please go ahead.”

Huang Yueli then posed her questions, “There are three sets of medicinal herbs which we will receive and if the first set of medicinal herbs have successfully been refined into medicinal pills, then should we immediately request for the awarding of points or should we continue to use the next set of medicinal herbs into pills?”

Master Zhang was stunned momentarily, “Your meaning is…”

Huang Yueli noticed that he was bewildered and thought that she hadn’t put it clearly hence she hurriedly tried to explain further, “What I meant was, other than the quality of the medicinal pill, does the total quantity of the pills gain higher points or is the completion of refining time earn more points? If it’s based on speed, then I won’t need to continue refining the second tray of medicinal pills.”

This question had a rather huge impact on the awarding of points and Huang Yueli was worried that if she had already refined the third tray of medicinal pills and turned out that her points would not be any higher, hence that was why she had to ask clearly.

When Master Zhang heard this question, the expression on his face was even more stunned.

Because when Huang Yueli asked the question earlier, it wasn’t that he had not understood it but rather he had not expected that anyone would actually ask such a question!

It took some time before he regained his senses as he said, “Ughh… this question… this question is well asked! I hadn’t thought about this carefully. En, the duration of the competition is fixed and four hours is the limit hence if within this duration of time, you’re able to refine one tray and above of medicinal pills, then the amount of points will be doubled!

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up, “Really? That’s great! I’m grateful to you for answering my question.”

Master Zhang wiped the sweat off his forehead, “No need to thank…”

Although he didn’t say this, but he was feeling extremely startled. Could it be that she really thought that second level medicinal pills were that easy to refine?

Master Zhang didn’t have the cheek to say it out directly but Feng Xiaoyan who was standing behind Huang Yueli heard what the both of them were talking about as she couldn’t help but laughed out.

“I say, Bai Ruoli, why are you asking this for? Do you know or not, that a second rank Pill Master would normally be able to refine just one tray or medicinal pills out of ten trays? Now, you’re just given a total of three sets only and if you’re able to refine an entire tray of it, you should burn your incense to thank god! Still thinking of refining several trays? What kind of joke is that?”

Huang Yueli blinked, “What? So that’s the case…”

She was really slightly surprised, because when she refined second level medicinal pills, other than the time when Little Phoenix came out to create havoc, otherwise she wouldn’t have failed at all.

She had assumed that even if ordinary Pill Masters hadn’t such a high success rate as hers, they should at least have a success rate of around fifty to sixty percent!

Whoever knew that second level medicinal pills were actually that hard to refine?