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Chapter 2147: This question is well asked (1)

With an apathetic expression, she seemed as though she didn’t notice the other party.

Feng Xiaoyan’s anger instantly rose up as she couldn’t help but opened her mouth, “Bai Ruoli, don’t be delighted so soon!”

“The first round of distributing the medicinal herbs only requires high Earth attribute innate talent and a good memory to obtain high marks. Bai Ruoli is only slightly better than me which is not impossible. But as the competition goes on, it might not be the same! The second round of competition has just started and we are really going to start refining pills! Moreover, we must refine second to third level medicinal pills! By then, you will definitely be eliminated!”

Feng Xiaoyan thought that Huang Yueli would definitely be agitated.

Whoever knew that when Huang Yueli heard what she said, she merely put down the teacup in a calm and unhurried manner as she lifted her head and casted a faint glance at her, “Many thanks for the reminder but the second round of competition has not even started and you’re saying that I will be eliminated. Doesn’t that seem… a little too soon?”

Feng Xiaoyan sneered, “Did you really think that you’re Divine Doctor Dai, just learning for a few days and you’d be able to reach a third rank Pill Master’s standard? I think you can’t even refine a first level medicinal pill out right? If you really refine the medicinal herbs into dregs, wouldn’t you be throwing Divine Doctor Dai’s face?”

Huang Yueli gave a slight smile, “That would be throwing away my Master’s face and not yours? Why is Young Miss Feng so worried about our tutorage’s matters for?”

At this moment, quite a number of them were walking over to the resting zone and when they heard that, someone couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Feng Xiaoyan’s face instantly turned green.

Huang Yueli’s words were obviously making a dig at her, and the underlying meaning was that she wasn’t able to acknowledge Divine Doctor Dai as Master and she was filled with jealousy hence she was poking her nose here.

These words were simply like a slap on her face but unfortunately what she said was the entire truth!

Huang Yueli’s topic took a chance as she said, “Young Miss Feng had better grab hold of time to rest quickly because the second round of competition is able to start. Don’t you think too much and then come out with abnormal performance later!”

Feng Xiaoyan stared angrily at her, “You… just you wait. I’m going to see what kind of pills you will refine out later!”

One hour’s time was very short and not too long later, the first round of competition ended.

Howls of groans and agony was heard coming from the competition grounds.

At least fifty percent of Pill Masters weren’t able to distribute completely in the regulated time and among those who had completed the distribution, thirty percent of them had hurried just to get the task done so their mistake percentage had surpassed the regulated ten percent hence they were disqualified.

In the end, those who could remain and take part in the second round of competition was only twenty percent, a total of sixty Pill Masters.

This was an extremely normal thing and those who could be called as pill refining talents were only a handful so a majority of Pill Masters were only here to join in the fun, without any hopes of being able to gain any ranking in this kind of high levelled competition.

While announcing the first round of ranking, it caused a little bit of bustle.

Although many of them had seen Huang Yueli was the first to hand in the task, but they still weren’t quite able to accept this reality.

The participants all re-entered the centre of competition grounds as the competition entered into the second stage.

Master Zhang spoke out in a clear voice, “Pill Masters, you’re able to pass through the first round of competition and that means that your foundation is extremely solid and you are already equipped with the basis of an exemplary Pill Master! Following this, it’s time to display your true pill refining standard! How well your ability is, will still eventually be reflected in the medicinal pill that you have refined.”

“The second round of competition is to refine second level medicinal pills!”