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Chapter 2142: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (6)

Feng Xiaoyan was scared stiff until she kept shuddering.

Originally there were quite a number of female disciples who had the same thinking in mind with Feng Xiaoyan, trying to take the chance to kick Huang Yueli but on seeing Liu Buyan’s expression, all of them were scared stiff as they all shut their mouths, not daring to say a thing more.

Liu Buyan then turned around and spoke out to Feng Zhensheng who was standing not far away, “President Feng, will you please control your daughter! A Pill Master speaking like a shrew in the marketplace, whatever next?”

“You—!” Feng Zhensheng’s face turned steely green from anger but there was nothing that he could say.

With Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi standing behind Huang Yueli’s back, he totally couldn’t afford to offend her.

Moreover from Liu Buyan’s meaning, that young lass Bai’s real identity was Li Moying’s fiancée!

What kind of status did Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master Li have and what kind of ability did he have! Unless he didn’t want to continue living any longer then would he dare to go challenge him!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly tugged Feng Xiaoyan and growled out, “Enough, stop making yourself an embarrassment, quickly come back to This President’s side!”

“Father, how could you also…..” Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes grew wide as she wanted to say more.

Feng Zhensheng noticed the strange glares that were directed to them from the surroundings and felt deeply ashamed as he hurriedly pulled her with force, pulling her to one side.

It was until the both of them had turned into a corner where the crowd could no longer see them before he loosened his grip as he looked at Feng Xiaoyan with a look which blamed her for failing to live up to his expectations.

“You… don’t you even think before you act? There’s so many people watching, why are you arguing with them?”

Feng Xiaoyan bit her lips as she felt extremely aggrieved, “But… but Father, that Bai Roli is a shameless slut! You also saw for yourself when she was in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, she was obviously very intimate with Divine Doctor Liu and even lived together with him as his fiancée! Now in a blink of an eye, she had actually linked up to Young Sect Master Li!”

Moreover, Li Moying was even more handsome than Liu Buyan, and he was the successor of the Number One Sacred Lands!

Why was it that so many extraordinary peerless top exponents revolved around her?? Wasn’t she just a little better looking, what’s the great deal about that?

“So what about that?” Feng Zhensheng retorted angrily, “Haven’t you heard Liu Buyan said it himself? He himself admitted that Bai Ruoli was only pretending to be engaged to him and whatever more that you say, is there any use?”

“But…..” Feng Xiaoyan was still unresigned.

Feng Zhensheng glowered at her, ” I know that you still can’t give up Divine Doctor Liu and now that Bai Ruoli isn’t his fiancée any longer, shouldn’t you be happy? Rather than embarrassing yourself here, isn’t it better to think about how to put on a good performance in the Rising Star Competition later on to get first place!”

Feng Xiaoyan scratched her head, “So what if I get first place? There’s no way to be compared with a genius like Divine Doctor Liu? Moreover, his attitude earlier…”

“Earlier he was agitated, so what about that? You still don’t know this yet right? Divine Doctor Liu had been here to look for me some time ago, to ask me for the championship prize in the Rising Star Competition – Bipolar Black Orchid! But I didn’t give it to him. If you’re able to win first place and get that stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid, it might be his turn to come beg you for it!”

Hearing that, Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Really? Then I must obtain the first place and teach that little slut some colours! She really thought that she had acknowledged Divine Doctor Dai as Master and would be able to surpass so many Pill Masters here within a month? She’s simply dreaming!”

Whereas at this point of time, Huang Yueli had already finished registration and been led by Master Shen to the competitors’ seats.