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Chapter 2133: New Deviant Flame (3)

Before she could finish talking, she sensed another familiar aura coming close to her from behind.

“Li’er, you’re really too incredible…”

The man’s mellow and magnetic voice rang beside her ear as his gentle tone made her heart enter a state of warmth and her lips uncontrollably rose upwards.

She lifted her head and met Li Moying’s godly looks as she blinked slightly, “Moying, you saw me refining pills earlier?”

“How can I miss my Li’er’s first time refining pills?” Saying that he suddenly lowered his head and swiftly pecked Huang Yueli’s face with a kiss, “Dear Wife, work hard and become a powerful Pill Master soon then I don’t need that irritating fellow to treat me!”

Huang Yueli was caught off guard as she was kissed by him and by the time she recovered her senses, her face flushed red and she couldn’t helped but used her elbow to dig into his ribs.

“Hey, what are you doing? Master and Senior Brother are all looking!” She said this softly as she glowered at him.

Li Moying however remained calm and composed as his cold gaze swept past Liu Buyan’s face. Although he looked expressionless but the showing off intent in his eyes was simply unconcealable.

Liu Buyan clenched his fists hard and wanted badly to punch that devilishly handsome face of him.

However, he endured and endured, and managed to control himself.

Liu Buyan looked coldly back at him and sneered, “Show off!” Saying that he turned around and left.

“Ughh, Senior Brother…” Huang Yueli wanted to call out to him but felt her waist area tightening.

Li Moying retracted his arm tightly, locking her into his embrace, “Alright, Li’er, it’s time to rest. Stop bother about that unimportant fellow…”

Huang Yueli shook her head helplessly, “Moying, stop acting like this, it’s really very childish!”

Childish? Li Moying’s lips twitched as he thought disapprovingly.

How was this considered as childish? This was called protecting and declaring his property!

Just in this way, under Dai Boqi’s careful tutorage, time went past day after day.

Huang Yueli was extremely devoted and she raised up the ranks swiftly. Moreover in the process of learning pill refining, she also developed many new ideas, feeling that pill refining and armament refining had many mutual parts and there were many areas which could mutually draw on each other’s experience, which was something well worth for her to research on.

But as she didn’t have enough time so she naturally couldn’t think of other stuff now and could only temporarily leave this thinking aside in her heart.

Liu Buyan would appear on time daily at Dai Boqi’s side chamber to see Huang Yueli refine pills.

Initially, he was intending to use the excuse of assisting his Master to teach his Junior Sister, mainly to upset Li Moying.

But as time went by, Huang Yueli’s innate talent was displayed even more in front of him and every single time, her performance was enough to make him the Number One Pill Grandmaster in Soaring Heavens Continent leave with a forehead full of sweat.

Later on, the reason why he came over to Dai Boqi’s had slowly became just to see just how much more miracles could Huang Yueli create?

It took only three days and Huang Yueli had already mastered grasping ten over first level pills’ refining methods and moreover, every single kind’s success rate were all one hundred percent!

Following this, she started to learn the second level medicinal pill’s refining methods.

As there were much more varieties of second level medicinal pills, she spent a total of six days before she roughly managed to learn everything and under Dai Boqi’s supervision, she slowly went through one round of everything that she knew.

She had the experience from armament refining and her control of the flame was already familiar so she could easily enter the vacant efficacious state.

So, second level pill prescriptions were not difficult for her at all.