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Chapter 2116: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (2)

However, Luo Jiyun didn’t seem as excited as she was, “Lil Sister-in-law, Divine Doctor Liu and Eldest Senior Brother has met with each other and the atmosphere between them is very abnormal, this…..”

“What?” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, “Have they started fighting?”

“That hasn’t happened yet, but the things they said are very strange, and it looked as though they will take action immediately upon disagreement, quickly head over and take a look!”

Without a need for Luo Jiyun to say anything more, Huang Yueli also knew that when love rivals met, the scene would definitely not be pretty.

But at least after exposing the truth, Liu Buyan was still willing to show himself automatically to treat Li Moying and that meant that there was still a possibility of reconciliation between these two.

Huang Yueli sped along the corridor and not too long later, she had already rushed towards the front hall.

She couldn’t be bothered to knock the door and she directly pushed the door open, “Moying, Brother Liu, don’t you ever… ughh, what are you doing?”

Huang Yueli was panting hard, deeply worried that they would start fighting but upon a detailed look, she discovered that the both of them were in a tight embrace, as though they were extremely intimate…

Alright, it was a little too intimate and those who don’t know the truth might possibly think that they were each other’s special someone…

Huang Yueli stared at them with widened eyes and mouth agape and she couldn’t even complete her sentence, “This… what are you doing?”

Li Moying emotionless turned his head and swept her a glance as he retracted his hand, “Ph, nothing, just that I saw my past life’s brother and was too touched so just hugged him for a little.”

Liu Buyan’s look, seemed as though he had been through many hardships and his fringe on his forehead was too long which had totally not been trimmed, and his clothes were even dirty with ash and dust.

In the past, he was someone who had the image of a noble son, but now his down and out look was something that Huang Yueli had never seen before.

From this, it was obvious that the days that he had been through recently was extremely unwell.

At this moment, Liu Buyan also retracted his hand as he walked towards the guest seat, “Mn, too touched so we just hugged for a moment, Yueli, don’t you worry.”

“Yueli? This intimate greeting made Li Moying’s brows creased slightly as his fists were tightly clenched but he still controlled himself to not make a single move.

He and Liu Buyan had just met and upon disagreement, they were already about to start fighting.

In the end, whoever knew that they had just started the fight when the door was kicked open by Huang Yueli with a “pong”!

The two of them didn’t want Huang Yueli to see them fight so under their anxiousness, their first reaction were to immediately retract their hands and hug each other, which was how this awkward scene came to unfold.

Now that they had finally managed to deceive Huang Yueli, Li Moying naturally couldn’t fight with Liu Buyan in front of her.

Liu Buyan seemed to understand this as well hence he intentionally called out Huang Yueli’s name.

Huang Yueli looked at them suspiciously multiple times and to be honest, she didn’t quite believe them. The last time they met, they hated each other so much that they wished the other party to die, but now they were actually on such good terms that they could hug each other?

In their past lives when their relationship was at its best, they didn’t seem to be this mushy either right?

However, the two men had an unfathomable look on their faces, and they didn’t said a single word so that made her not know where to start from.

Without a choice, she could only give a slight cough, “Brother Liu, we have been searching for you all this while! Where have you been ever since you left Blue Profound Sect? Why is it that even Master isn’t able to find you?”

Liu Buyan was stunned, “You’ve already acknowledged my Master as your Master?”