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Chapter 2114: Huang Yueli advances (8)

“The last time we gathered the top exponents among the Six Sacred Lands and headed over to Blue Profound Sect in an attempt to check on Mu Chengying’s genuine situation. All those who went over were all top rated top exponents and had all been beaten until they were half dead and we have lost a lot of manpower…”

Lord Zhan spoke out coldly, “Regarding this matter, haven’t I already told you these? Although the sword array above Levitation Sword Palace is extremely incredible but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Li Moying himself has already came out of closed door and he will still be able to drive those trash out of Levitation Sword Palace! Could it be that you guys have seen Mu Chengying with your own eyes?”

Chi Xiao Jiu wiped the cold perspiration off his forehead and said, “We have indeed not seen Mu Chengying, but after the auction, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples seemed as though they’ve all undergone a change. In the past when they met with other Sacred Lands’ disciples, they will all give way but now they actually start clashing with us proactively, especially aiming for us Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate! In these three days alone, both our families already had dozens of ore arteries being snatched away by Blue Profound Sect…”

Ling Qing Yu also added, “These few days I’ve been running about but still incurred heavy losses… Blue Profound Sect recently has a huge jump in their ability and seems as though they have nothing to fear. I simply suspect that they’re intentionally exacting revenge on us! If it wasn’t for the fact that Mu Chengying came out of his closed door, would Blue Profound Sect even dare to be so arrogant? This stance… seemed as though it was no different from sixteen years ago!”

After the auction, the totally embarrassed Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu naturally couldn’t swallow this anger.

Without Lord Zhan’s instructions, they also wanted to find back their face from Blue Profound Sect.

In the end, they had not expected that before they took any action towards Blue Profound Sect, news of various branches of their own Sect from everywhere had their branch forces and bases being destructed by Blue Profound Sect.

Moreover, the opponent’s actions were swift and resolute, totally Mu Chengying’s temperament back then.

All the traces showed that Blue Profound Sect was gradually resuming its past day’s potential and overbearingness, and was meting out the punishment towards them!

Although Lord Zhan was powerful, but the psychological shadow which Mu Chengying had left in their hearts that year was even more grave and hence because of this, Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu didn’t dared to go probe further in Blue Profound Sect.

When Lord Zhan heard that, he remained silent for a long period of time and even walked round in circles, as though his heart was filled with puzzlement.

“… this is, a little too strange… now it’s almost certain that Mu Chengying’s disappearance that year, was because he utilised that secret arts and there was no way that he could possible return, how could he suddenly come out of his ‘closed door’?”

Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu heard his own muttering and the both of them were totally lost.

“Secret arts? What kind of secret arts did Mu Chengying used?”

But Lord Zhan totally ignored their questions as he walked a few more rounds on his own, “Could it be that there was a mistake in my news? No, it shouldn’t be… but unless… in this way, no wonder Blue Profound Sect spent such a heavenly price to purchase the Purified Branch…. Could it really be like this?”

Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu took a look at each other as they asked carefully, “Lord Zhan, your meaning is…”

Lord Zhan’s footsteps took a pause, “Regarding this matter, This Lord already knows what’s going on. Since the Purified Branch has already fallen into the hands of Blue Profound Sect, then based on you two trash, it’s impossible to get it back. I have my own plans for this! Next there is another matter which I need the both of you to handle, and if this time you fail again…”

His tone became exceptionally cold and sinister.