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Chapter 2112: Huang Yueli advances (6)

After she had successfully advanced, Huang Yueli didn’t relax herself immediately but she made the Profound Energy in her meridians rotate two cycles until she completely absorbed the medicinal effects in the bath water before she slowly opened her eyes.

She stood up in the bathtub and her long legs moved as she took a step out.

Just at this moment, a loud “Pong” was heard.

Li Moying’s footsteps were hurried as he directly opened the room door and walked right in, “Li’er, you’ve finally advanced. How do you feel, do you feeling uncomfortable anywhere, if there is you must… tell…”

His words stopped in the middle as his voice suddenly went silent.

Li Moying’s eyes widened as his gaze fell onto Huang Yueli’s astonished little face and he uncontrollably glanced downwards…

Even though he quickly readjusted his gaze back onto Huang Yueli’s face, the subconscious action of gulping his saliva still betrayed him.

A slight sound was heard and that made the stunned Huang Yueli instantly regained her senses.

She pulled the towel which was hanging on the side of the bathtub as she blocked her chest with it and stared fiercely at Li Moying, “You, you, you…. what are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at…. Li’er, you’re really beautiful…” Li Moying couldn’t help but praised her right from the bottom of his heart.

“Beautiful your head! I’m bathing, how could you dash in?” Huang Yueli’s anger just rose from nowhere!

Hearing that, Li Moying totally had no sense of guilt as his lips curled, “Li’er, are you being shy? It’s not as though I’ve never seen this before? Quickly let this husband take a look, after your advancement, how is your condition?”

Saying that, he walked right over to Huang Yueli and his slender long fingers grabbed hold of her wrist as he pulled her into his embrace.

Huang Yueli bit her lips as she was simply dying of anger from this shameless man!

She subconsciously stretched out her hand as she pushed him with all her might.

Based on Li Moying’s strength, Huang Yueli originally had no hope of pushing him away but whoever knew that this time round, Li Moying actually had no ounce of resistance at all as he fell down backwards from the push of hers.

Huang Yueli’s eyes winked in shock and initially, she thought that he was putting on a pretense.

“Hey, get up quickly, why are you pretending! Don’t think that if you just continue lying on the ground and act pitiful, I will forgive you! Stop pretending!”

Li Moying tried his best to peel open his eyes as he looked at the furiously puffed up little fox with an expression that looked as though he didn’t knew whether to laugh or cry, “I…. I feel so giddy…”

Huang Yueli was stunned and then she recalled that the amount of time she used to advance had already surpassed ten hours and the sky outside was already pitch dark so Li Moying definitely had forced himself to walk for her to advance successfully. In that case, who knew how long he had forced himself to wait for?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli then became tensed as he jumped up immediately and prepared to change and get someone in.

“Wait a while, I’ll look for Master to come take a look at you…”

Whoever knew that she had just started moving when Li Moying pulled onto her leg as he tugged lightly.

Her body instantly lost balance and she fell right onto Li Moying.

“Hey, you…..” Huang Yue struggled to stand up.

Li Moying laughed out softly, “Don’t move. I feel very giddy, stay and lie down with me for a while…”

“But, you…. let me get up first!”

Huang Yueli wanted to say more but she realised that Li Moying had actually fell into lethargic sleep in just one breath’s time and his hands were still locked tightly around her waist, rendering her immovable.

With no choice, she could only maintain this stiff posture.