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Chapter 2111: Huang Yueli advances (5)

Dai Boqi was shocked by this huge wave!

At the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, there would occasionally be some high ranking Pill Masters advancing but they were mostly Earth attributed and the nature of their Profound Energy were much more peaceful. Moreover, their potentials were comparatively weaker hence when they advanced, they would usually cause some strange occurrences around the valley’s surroundings hence they usually wouldn’t need to disperse the crowd.

Only when someone advanced into the ninth stage realm, will it attract a lot of attention.

From what Dai Boqi saw, when Huang Yueli breaking through to seventh stage realm, the fluctuations of the Profound Energy was so powerful that it had outdone those ordinary practitioners who had broken through to ninth stage realm!

For that one instant, he even had this strange feeling that he was facing a ninth stage realm overbearing top exponent!

Li Moying’s gaze was glued onto the rear hall and he could not be bothered to reply Dai Boqi’s questions at all.

It was Cang Po Hun who replied in a low voice, “Old Master Dai, aren’t you belittling Grandmaster Huang a little! She is a top rated cultivational genius and is different from Pill Masters with cultivation! If she were really to advance into ninth stage realm, probably even the entire Blue Profound Sect would be affected!”

In actual fact, Cang Po Hun’s words were still rather reserved.

In the past when Huang Yueli broke through to ninth stage realm, the strange occurrence had led all the large powerhouses around Sky Emperor City to crowd around back then and now that her innate talent was even better than in her past life, by the time she broke through on that day, just what kind of scenario would it bring around was something that he didn’t even dared to imagine!

Only, because he didn’t want to scare Old Master Dai, hence he didn’t said it out.

Even so, Dai Boqi seemed as though he had suffered an attack, “This… this is a little too ridiculous? This kind of potential, this kind of innate talent, moreover she’s only sixteen years old… in future, she will become Sky Emperor City’s Sky Chart’s peerless top exponent!”

Originally, he thought that he had abducted a disciple with excellent disposition and he would be able to teach her properly, making her concentrate on becoming a Pill Master.

Whoever knew that his disciple’s disposition was a little too great and that was very troublesome. A peerless genius who had such powerful potential, her innate talent in the cultivation pathway was overwhelming and focusing solely on Pill Refinement was not her luck, but a kind of burden.

No wonder she did not want to acknowledge him as her Master initially!

Just as Dai Boqi was extremely frustrated, Huang Yueli’s advancement had already entered the last stage.

After the insane rampaging fire attributed energy slowly quietened down and solidified into a physical state, later on, bit by bit, it started to be recollected.

This process lasted for around six hours and at this very moment, Li Moying’s completely was even paler than before and the sweat on his forehead started profusing even more than before.

Dai Boqi had persuaded him several times, for him to go rest but every single time, he was rejected by Li Moying.

Dai Boqi was also someone who was extremely concerned about his disciple and on seeing Huang Yueli’s advancement battle, he knew that such a vast impetus advancement actually had numerous hidden dangers and with Li Moying here to personally taking a look was absolutely much safer.

Hence in the very end, he just stopped persuading but every one hour later, he would feed Li Moying with a medicinal pill.

Finally, Levitation Sword Palace’s upper skies’ red clouds started to shrink and the scorching flames also resumed back to silence.

Li Moying’s pale handsome face revealed a joyous smile, “Li’er had advanced successfully, I can clearly sense that today, she’s already a seventh stage realm practitioner!”

Saying that, he stood up from his seat and rushed straight into the rear hall.

Inside the room in the rear hall, Huang Yueli’s eyes were shut tightly.