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Chapter 2110: Huang Yueli advances (4)

“Relax, it’s not the first time I’m advancing and moreover speaking, there’s still Guardian Jun around and there won’t be any problem.”

Huang Yueli tried her best to persuade Li Moying, in order to allow him to agree to it.

The matters follow that was much simpler.

Huang Yueli had been cultivating <> and every single time she advanced, she required a huge amount of medicinal herbs to support her.

At the checkpoint of seventh stage realm, the medicinal herbs she required was already very rare and also a huge amount, which included seven pieces of ninth tier magical beast cores.

Ninth tier magical beasts, terms of ability, were already things which ordinary ninth stage realm peak could not handle any longer.

Luckily, Li Moying had hunted quite a number of ninth grade magical beasts in his past life and the crystal cores had always been stored in Blue Profound Sect’s store and Huang Yueli personally went to check on it and discovered that these crystal cores were all undamaged and the Profound Qi within it was still rather abundant.

Whereas Divine Doctor Dai was able to deploy a large amount of rare medicinal herbs at the Alchemist Guild and within a short amount of time, it was all gathered.

With everything prepared, during one fine morning, Huang Yueli and Little Phoenix shut themselves in the rear hall, as she prepared to advance.

The rest of the other people were all anxiously waiting in the front hall.

Not too long later, a pure fire attributed energy started to float out from the rear hall’s direction and as time went by, bit by bit, it grew denser and more powerful than before.

A few hours later, the fire attributed Profound Energy had already occupied the entire Levitation Sword Palace and furthermore, some Profound Energy even spread outside of Levitation Sword Palace.

Some female attendants who had slightly weaker cultivations, all started to disperse outside of Levitation Sword Palace to seek temporary shelter.

Li Moying had already waited outside the front hall for ten hours and his complexion was already starting to turn pale.

When Cang Po Jun saw that, he persuaded, “Sovereign, you’d better go and rest first, This Subordinate is right here keeping an eye on things. From Grandmaster Huang’s pure Profound Energy and steady breathing, advancing shouldn’t be a difficult feat.”

However, Li Moying totally refused to listen to his persuasion.

How could he possible leave at this crucial moment when Li’er was about advance?

Cang Po Jun was helpless as he got Dai Boqi to join in and Dai Boqi also frowned, “Rest when it’s time to! No one is able to tell how much time is needed when practitioners advance and perhaps it might even take a few days, are you going to stay here make yourself wait in spite of that?”

Li Moying’s expression was cold but his attitude was exceptionally firm, “Many thanks Divine Doctor Dai but I will not leave.”

“You…” Divine Doctor Dai was extremely melancholic! He really wanted to howl at him, “You dare to coordinate with This Divine Doctor for an entire day for treatment??

Just at the moment when he was about to fly into a rage, a sudden burst of sword cries reverberated through the skies!

Levitation Sword Palace’s fire attributed Profound Energy seemed to have congealed in an instance and the skies seemed to have a moment of peace and quiet but immediately following that, an explosion was heard and the fire attributed energy furiously raged upwards!

An explosion was heard, burst after another, and every single time it rang, it would be more terrifying than the previous!

Until the end, even the surface of Levitation Sword Palace also started to have tremors.

“This is… Li’er is about to advance!” Li Moying’s eyes flashed past a joyous look and he even ignored the discomfort in his body, as he immediately sat up straight and stared at the rear hall where Huang Yueli was in closed seclusion.

Although Dai Boqi was also in ninth stage realm, but as a Pill Master, his potential really wasn’t very high.

Under the surging impacts of fire attributed Profound Energy, he even started to feel discomfort around his check and he hurriedly took out a pill and swallowed it down before he felt much better.

“This… what’s going on? My disciple… isn’t she charging towards seventh stage realm?”