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Chapter 2109: Huang Yueli advances (3)

Li Moying gave an evil smile, “Why don’t we…. continue the unfinished business from that night?”

Huang Yueli stared at him angrily, “Don’t even think about it! Moreover speaking, after we’ve reincarnated, you… haven’t you been sticking to me every day and taking advantage of me?”

Thinking about the various ways where he took advantage of her, she simply wanted to cry alright?

Li Moying’s handsome face leaned in close to her and intentionally suppressed his voice, appearing very bewitching, “So wronged? Haven’t I been taken advantage by you every day as well? When are you preparing to be responsible to me? Hmm?”

Huang Yueli started at his rosed brows, erect nose bridge and her gaze finally fell onto his thin but sexy lips.

It was said that men with thin lips were all cold in manner and were callous but she took many years before she understood that this man’s fickleness was all because that all the passion in his life had all been given to her… behind his fickleness, was genuine deep feelings.

As though being bewitched, she slowly leaned near and she planted a slight kiss onto Li Moying’s lips.

Sensing the young lady in his arms about to touch-and-go, Li Moying tightened his arms and turned from passiveness to initiative.

Suddenly he heard Huang Yueli asked, “So, you really have no relationship with Ling Qing Yu?”

Li Moying was stunned as he was a little short of response but following that, he was a little upset that this young lass still remembered that senseless woman!

“I really don’t have any relationship with her! Moreover, if you really haven’t forgotten, I already told you many times that I hate her! That woman is so ugly, can’t even be compared to a strand of hair of yours, how could I possibly have anything to do with her?”

Huang Yueli knew that based on this man’s arrogance; he was not willing to tell lies.

Hence she gave a smile as lifted up her chin while putting on a smug expression, “Hmph, consider that you have good eyesight!”

After the auction ended, Li Moying and Huang Yueli made separate arrangements to seek Liu Buyan’s whereabouts.

At the same time, Huang Yueli also considered carefully and decided to advance.

She had promoted into the sixth stage realm for almost half a year.

When she first got to Blue Profound Sect, under the large supply of medicinal herbs and spirit stones, her advancement level was swift and she broke through several small realms continuously.

However, later on when Li Moying’s illness worsened, majority of her thoughts were on her fiancée and there wasn’t much help for her to slack on cultivation.

Later on, she was captured by Liu Buyan and had her meridians and soul trace sealed by him so on the contrary, the Profound Energy in her body kept on strengthening in the adverse environment and instead, it had speedily accumulated in a short duration of time.

After the restrain was released, her Profound Energy rebounded strongly and thus causing her to shoot straight to sixth stage realm peak, only short of a suitable chance to breakthrough to seventh stage realm.

Right now, Li Moying was a little unsettled, “You sure that you want to advance now? I am unable to protect you at this very moment and if you were to advance right now, I’m really not assured…”

Huang Yueli nodded her head firmly, “Of course, I must quickly raise my own potential and no longer allow you to take risks just to protect me! Now, it should be my turn to protect you!”