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Chapter 2108: Huang Yueli advances (2)

“The aphrodisiac which Ling Qing Yu had brought was very strong and when I felt the surge of heat arising from within, you suddenly rushed in again. I already warned you several times to leave quickly but you refused to no matter what. You have absolutely no idea that whenever my mind roams, I’d be thinking about doing various kinds of intimate actions with you, moreover under such an inducement…. I totally couldn’t wait to push you under me, and immediately possess…”

“Shut up!” Huang Yueli found that what he said was getting more and more ridiculous as she immediately covered up his mouth, “Stop your nonsense!”

“Mmmph mmph mmph!” Li Moying wanted to say more but was held on to her tightly as he couldn’t make a single sound.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and her expression became uglier, “So to say, that day you did that thing to me, it was all because you were incited with the aphrodisiac? With didn’t you explain it to me?”

“Wu wu wu!” Li Moying pointed to his mouth pitifully.

Huang Yueli gave a cold harrumph as she retracted her pair of petite fair hands.

Li Moying took a long breath, “Almost suffocated, you are trying to kill me! Then you will become a widow!”

Huang Yueli stared hard at him and Li Moying shivered as he hurriedly said, “That morning, I wanted to explain to you properly but after you woke up, you were very angry and refused to listen to me, looking as though you can’t wait to kill me! I’m afraid that your anger will hurt your body so I thought about explaining to you after you are appeased. Whoever knew that from then onwards, you just refused to see me at all?”

In actual fact, on the second day when he awoke, he knew that things were going to be terrible.

Huang Yueli’s temper would absolutely not allow her to be willing to marry him just because he had seen her naked.

On the contrary, all the years which he had spent to make Huang Yueli had a little bit of good feeling towards him, had all gone down the drain from then on.

Li Moying sighed, “Moreover, no matter if I was struck with the aphrodisiac or not, it is a fact that I didn’t managed to control myself and hurt you… I didn’t want to push the responsibility to anyone else. Anyway, It’s my responsibility that I didn’t take that I didn’t take care of you.”

Huang Yueli bit her lips as she recalled the scenario that day and knew that this couldn’t all be blamed entirely on Li Moying.

That day she was so infuriated because she had already started to like Li Moying and she actually believed in him deep inside her heart so even if Ling Qing Yu was beaten up by him, she believed that there was a reason behind it. But she had not expected that the usually submissive man would suddenly turn so overbearing, so irresistible and do such undue matter to her…

After that incident, she cooled herself down for a few days and indistinctively sensed that Mu Chengying’s condition wasn’t very normal that day.

But Ling Qing Yu had always been by her side and intentionally mentioned there had been many cases where many men would treat their wives roughly, thus inciting Huang Yueli’s fear deep inside her heart.

As time went by, she had assumed that Mu Chengying would definitely bully her in future hence she was determined to ignore him.

It was until a year later when she met with danger in the Eastern Ocean while on experience learning and Mu Chengying had appeared to save her thus landing himself into sustaining heavy injury…

Huang Yueli’s eyelids drooped down slightly and her long lashes fluttered, “So… so it’s like this…”

Li Moying knew that her heart must have softened as the corners of his lips curled up as he spoke out while taking advantage of this situation, “Now do you know? How much of a damage that your disbelief in me had caused?”

Huang Yueli nodded and spoke out earnestly, “I’m sorry…”

“Why? Saying one word of sorry and you wish to forget about it?” Li Moying’s brows rose.

Huang Yueli blinked, “Then what do you want?”