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Chapter 2107: Huang Yueli advances (1)

Li Moying went into a blank as he replied subconsciously, “Which time are you talking about?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her eyes widened as she questioned him in disbelief, “Which time?? SO IT’S NOT ONLY ONE TIME!” Saying that, she couldn’t help but dashed in front of Li Moying as she grabbed his clothing on his chest and questioned fiercely, “What have you done behind my back?”

The minute Li Moying spoke out, he realised that he had said the wrong thing as he hurriedly raised both his hands and tried his best to express his faithfulness.

“I’m wronged! Li’er, what could I possibly do behind your back? I haven’t even taken a straight look at what Ling Qing Yu looks like!”

However, Huang Yueli continued questioning unrelentingly, “Who’s asking you about that? Speak, did you and Ling Qing Yu stay together in the middle of the night?” As she asked that, her finger kept poking at him hard, as she almost tore the cloth in front of Li Moying’s chest.

Li Moying looked at his fiancée who had tipped the vinegar urn as he replied in fright, “Li… Li’er, you’re so brutal…. Do you really want to murder your husband?”

“Brutal? If you don’t speak things clearly today, I’ll let you witness what’s called the real brutalness!” Huang Yueli gave a cold humph as her icy cold gaze followed down the man’s robust chest downwards and roved around his lower body.

Li Moying shivered when he saw her meaningful savage gaze.

His little fox’s gaze was so brutal, surely she wasn’t…. thinking of doing that right?

Thinking of this, he didn’t dare to tease Huang Yueli anymore as he hurriedly explained in a firm manner, “Li’er, don’t listen to Chi Xiao Jiu and the other’s rubbish, there’s no such ridiculous thing! Alright, I admit that since long ago, Ling Qing Yu had always intentionally tried to get near me. But did you know that other than you, I’ve never given any nice looks to any other women. Every time she came over to my room in the middle of the night, she’d be chased away by me and there was once when I couldn’t endure it any longer as I hurt her, which was…. ughh, the time when you had a big fight with me, do you still remember?”

“Which time?” Huang Yueli went into a blank as she met with Li Moying’s profound black pupils and her face suddenly flushed red.

She recalled that there was once when Ling Qing Yu was hurt by Mu Chengying and later on she came back crying and complained to her.

She trusted Ling Qing Yu especially back then and totally didn’t thought about the hidden underlying reason behind all these as she foolishly ran to reason it out with Mu Chengying, but in the end, she was dragged into the room by Mu Chengying…

At that moment, that man’s utterly discomfited expression and that uncontrollable lasting kisses, till today, was still etched deeply in her memories…

Before then, although Mu Chengying had wooed her resolutely but he restrained himself very well and never had such intimate actions with her before.

Huang Yueli was still very young back then and as she had her mind totally on cultivation, she totally had not met with such incidents previously and under the mixture of embarrassment and anger, she burst out crying out of anger.

When dawn broke, the two of them had a huge fight and Huang Yueli then chased Mu Chengying out of the door and for a duration of at least an entire year, she had severed all forms of contact with him.

Hearing Li Moying mentioning about what happened back then, Huang Yueli’s face flushed crimson red as she bit her lips and rolled her eyes at him while saying, “So… so to speak, it was Ling Qing Yu who came to provoke you?”

“Not just provoked me?” Li Moying’s brows creased as a flash of chilliness flew past his eyes, “At that time she even drugged my tea. When the medicinal effect acted up, under a moment of fury, I sent her out flying! Who would I know that you would come settle the debt with me after that and at that time, I…”