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Chapter 2105: Acting cute and coquettish (10)

Li Moying was stunned momentarily and subsequently a smirk found its way onto his face, “My little wife is really virtuous, so it’s all out of consideration for This Husband’s body condition… you need not worry for This Husband, I merely want to kiss and nothing will happen, quickly come over!

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes fiercely at him, “What are you saying? I don’t understand, don’t understand, I’m leaving!”

She casually dragged out the dozing little Qilin from the corner of the room and threw it onto Li Moying.

“Since you like to kiss so much, then go kiss your Qilin!”

Huang Yueli was extremely frustrated because what Li Moying had said earlier, was exactly spot on her sore point.

Earlier she had indeed been smitten by that handsome male scheme but at the very last crucial moment, she remembered Dai Boqi’s medical advice and suddenly regained her consciousness.

This man, he was simply blue source of calamity! No wonder she had a bunch of love rivals for no good reason in both lifetimes! There just wasn’t enough time to hit all the mistresses!

On seeing her turning around to leave, Li Moying didn’t dare to act hooligan any longer as he hurriedly called out to her, “Wait, Li’er, don’t leave! Earlier haven’t you said that you want to tell me all about the secret plot which Chi Xiao Jiu and the others had?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her footsteps took a halt as she turned around but she was still bearing an extremely prudent look.

After sometime later, she then spoke out, “Alright, this matter is rather important so it’s best that I tell you about it! But you’re not allowed to come close to me!”

She picked a position which was the furthest from Li Moying as she sat down.

Li Moying put on an aggrieved look as he looked at her pitifully, “Li’er, why are you so far away from me? I said I will not bully you again!”

“Really?” Huang Yueli’s brows rose, as she shot a disbelieving gaze at his lower half body – even under the cover of the long robe, it wasn’t enough to cover his body reaction.

Li Moying then shifted but the frustrated emotions in his heart was still hard to quell.

As his relationship with Huang Yueli grew better by the day, he often could not control his own body’s natural reaction when he was facing his little fiancée and after he knew that there’s hope for him and he would not die, what he wanted to do the most was to get married to Huang Yueli immediately then consummate!

But alas, Dai Boqi’s medical advice had splashed a pail of cold water right down from his head.

In order for him to live properly, and for him to be able to be a loving couple with his Li’er, even if he had to stifle to death, he still had to endure it…

Huang Yueli was still seated far away from him, and without even taking another look at him, she started narrating the contents of the conversation which she had eavesdropped on yesterday.

Li Moying was still feeling heated up initially but not too long later, his attention was soon attracted by the matter which Huang Yueli was telling him.

“Hmph, Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu… they indeed had such good planning! Trying to coerce me to hand over the Purified Branch? They are indeed courageous! But… a little too dumb!”

Huang Yueli felt slightly worried, “Chi Xiao Jiu is rather intelligent, to be able to guess that your condition hasn’t fully recuperated. “That Sire” in his words seemed to make him extremely terrified and now that he had been injured by Guardian Jun, we can still ignore him but after he recovers, he might really come over to Blue Profound Sect…”

Li Moying gave a cold humph, “Just a dumbass! Even if This Sovereign has not regained my ability, dealing with someone like him just takes the effort to blow the dust off!”

Huang Yueli said, “It’s wiser to be more cautious.”

She had never doubted Li Moying’s ability but she was worried that Li Moying might be angered by Chi Xiao Jiu’s shameless manner and if he got rash and started to fight with him again, they would lose out more than what they gained.