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Chapter 2101: Acting cute and coquettish (6)

However, based on the boundary which she had skimmed through, she was still not able to check all the information that was related to the Sky Phoenix Ring.

She could only judge based on the carved words on the surface of the jade piece, that it should be called Sky Phoenix Ring.

The inner portion of Profound Armaments all contained extremely powerful Profound Qi and far surpassed ninth tier upper grade Profound Weapons but because it was damaged due to severe impact, it was unable to display out the corresponding energy.

As there were no contents to refer to, she could only base on her own experience to restore the Sky Phoenix Ring.

But although the damages on the surface had completely been restored, but there was no way that she could make the Sky Phoenix Ring acknowledge her as Master, nor did she had any way to use it.

It was until after she self-exploded and through the freak combinations of factors that she managed to establish a mental link, which then activated this piece of God Relic.

However, until now, she still had the feeling that the amount of power which she could utilise from the Sky Phoenix Ring, was probably not ten percent of its actual power.

This naturally was related to the fact that her current cultivation wasn’t high enough but the other part was because she didn’t understood the Sky Phoenix Ring completely…

In her past life, she had once showed the Sky Phoenix Rings to President Jiang and he promised to help her check the ancient classics back then, to see if he was able to find out anything but too bad, later on before she was able to meet with President Jiang, she had already self-exploded in the Northern Ice Fields…

She had not expected that sixteen years ago, President Jiang had already found out the important information.

But why was she only able to read half of it!

Huang Yueli was extremely frustrated as she kept looking at the words on the notebook when her eyes suddenly lit up and said, “Right, didn’t President Jiang already wrote it down? These information were copied from the ancient scroll <> so we just need to find that book! There should be many hidden books in the Armament Guild right? Have you checked there before?”

Ye Xing Hua gave a bitter laugh, “I’ve already thought about this point. I personally went to the Headquarters’ Books Depository several times, looking through every single book in the Books Depository but yet I didn’t manage to find the so called <>! I’ve already tried to find out from others, but no one had heard of this book’s existence before. No one knows where elderly President Jiang had seen this from?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her brows slowly started to crease and after some time, she spoke, “Then in this case, it must be some scarce ancient classic… it’s right, that year I’ve also not heard of this ancient classic… how about this, you get your men to take note and if there’s any related news of the <>, let me know immediately.”

Ye Xing Hua hurriedly agreed.

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and said, “Since President Jiang’s remains had been found, has it already been buried?”

Ye Xing Hua replied, “President Jiang had helmed the Armament Guild for many years and had always been a person of virtue and prestige with pupils all over the world so the reburial this round, we’re thinking of holding it more elaborately…”

“No way!” Huang Yueli immediately interrupted him.

Ye Xing Hua was stunned as he lifted up his head and looked at her in surprise, apparently extremely unexpected, “Ah? Why?”

Huang Yueli sighed again, “You! Have you forgotten how President Jiang died? Those people who coerced President Jiang to his death, they would probably still be keeping track of any movements in the Armament Guild! This is why I had repeatedly reminded you that you must execute the operation of excavation of remains secretly!”

“If anyone else were to know that President Jiang’s remains had already been dug out, it would definitely attract the attentions of those people from back then again.”