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Chapter 2100: Acting cute and coquettish (5)

“Under the self-destruction mechanism, that room had completely collapsed and our guild used twenty over manpower who dug continuously for an entire month before we managed to retrieve President Jiang’s remains and we also managed to find a notebook which President Jiang had left behind that year. The contents recorded within that notebook, I believe is something that you will be interested in.”

Saying that, Ye Xing Hua took out a yellowish notebook from his chest and left it on the table in front of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli’s brows rose in astonishment as she stretched out her hand and took the notebook as she started to flip through it.

As it had been some years and had always been stuck in the mud, the pages of the book was already rather brittle so Huang Yueli didn’t dared to use much strength as she could only gently flip while reading.

When she flipped to the third page, her pupils abruptly shrank and her expression instantly sunk.

It was written on top, “Fourth Year of Dragon, checked the ancient classics <>, it was recorded that the Sky Phoenix Ring was a God Realm absolute gem God Relic and was something which the entire ancient God Clan Sacred Phoenix Race had united together to collect various Continent’s best quality materials and the unison of seven God grade Armament Masters working together to refine it. The God Relic was cauterized under True Phoenix Fire for an entire duration of eighty one days but still was not completed hence the Clan Leader of the Sacred Phoenix Race used an infant Royal blood from the Phoenix God Race as a blood sacrifice hence completing this God Relic…”

On reading this, Huang Yueli’s fingers trembled, causing her to tear off a corner off the page of the frail book!

Because she suddenly recalled that the Sky Phoenix Ring had a spirit artifact and it was that lazy little Phoenix Wang Cai!

Combining the contents recorded in the scroll, that little Wang Cai was captured by the Sacred Phoenix Race’s Can Leader and thrown into the armament furnace while it was still alive to be refined into the Sky Phoenix Ring, which was then turned into a spirit artifact!

That scenario back then, just thinking about it was terrifying, Little Phoenix was actually burnt to death alive!

Luckily, it seemed as though it didn’t remember any bit of it at all…

Huang Yueli composed her emotions and turned to the next page as she continued reading.

“Sky Phoenix Ring combined the Heaven and Earth’s spiritual qi and had its own space which could accommodate living things, absorb Profound Qi, dispel demonic filth, having both attack and defence and was the ultimate gem of the Sacred Phoenix Race. However, ten thousand over years ago, when God Realm was in chaos as various large clans were in a mixed battle, Sacred Phoenix Clan’s Clan Leader died in battle and the Sky Phoenix Ring shattered, thereby landing into the lower realm…”

Huang Yueli wanted to continue reading but she discovered that this notebook was only left with half of it and the last few pages had either became broken bits or it seemed to have been soaked in water as it had become blurred out, totally unable to tell what was written on top.

Huang Yueli frowned, “This…. what’s the matter with this? What’s written at the back? What uses does the Sky Phoenix Ring have and after it fell into the lower realm, what happened?”

Ye Xing Hua had a grave expression, “This disciple doesn’t know as well. When I found this notebook, there was only this one book and many of the contents behind could not be seen.”

Huang Yueli said, “Can’t we think of a way to resurrect it? As long as we can find a larger piece of remains then we will be able to join the notebook together and then using some ointment, the words on the surface will then appear.”

Ye Xing Hua shook his head, “This disciple had already thought of many ways and even found some Armament Masters who specialised in this to collate and examine critically but all of them said that when this scroll was in the self-destructed armament refining room, it had been spilled on by various kinds of poisonous fluids which caused the pages to disintegrate and break off. We are already considered very lucky to be able to preserve the first half of the book but the contents in the later part could no longer be possible to recover!”

Huang Yueli was extremely gloomy.

In the past when she obtained the Sky Phoenix Ring, she had also read through many classics.