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Chapter 2099: Acting cute and coquettish (4)

“This old man has already asked the female attendants to brew the medicine and after taking that concoction, take a nap and there shouldn’t be any more problem.”

Huang Yueli was stared at by Dai Boqi but she didn’t felt guilty at all, instead she revealed a joyous expression as she said, “Really? I’m totally assured since Master has said this!”

“Sigh, you!” Dai Boqi was totally speechless.

What problem was this? Originally if his younger disciple was matched to his eldest disciple, that would be called as keeping the goodies within the family but now, he hadn’t even warmed up to his disciple and her thoughts had totally went to another outsider man! He had finally managed to take in this younger disciple! Heartache!

However, Huang Yueli had not realised the heavy mood that her Master had, as she sat next to Li Moying in high spirits.

Li Moying’s lips raised slightly, as he gave a indistinct gaze at Dai Boqi while stretching his hand to grab Huang Yueli’s hand, “Li’er, I’m still feeling a little giddy…”

Huang Yueli hurriedly replied, “Then quickly take a nap…”

Li Moying’s pair of seductive peach blossomed eyes were filled with brilliant lights, “Then you must stay here and accompany me.”

Huang Yueli was given this kind of look by him as her heart kept pounding wildly. This man was really a evildoer which no one could duplicate his charm. Usually he was always overpowering and cold which makes one’s heart quiver but at this moment in time, his pale and frail look made one have tender affection towards him.

To be looked at in such a way, how was it possible for Huang Yueli to even say out the words of rejection as she immediately remained seated obediently beside him, totally unable to see her usual black-bellied and astute look.

Dai Boqi could no longer bear it as he shook his head and turned around to leave.

If he continued watching them, he was afraid that he would no longer be able to care about the disparity of their potentials, to pull himself back from giving Li Moying a beating!

“Argh, my great cabbage has been eaten up by the pig!” He muttered as he shook his head and left in fury.

After Li Moying drank the medicine, he begun to sleep.

Huang Yueli leaned againt the bed and felt sleepy but she was just about to sleep when she heard someone knocking on the door.

“What’s the matter?” She suppressed her tone as she asked.

The female attendant replied, “Grandmaster Huang, earlier a Grandmaster Ye from the Armament Guild came to visit, saying that he wishes to meet you. Guardian Jun had already asked him to wait at the front hall for the past hour, may I know if you wish to meet him?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she then recalled that today afternoon, when Ye Xing Hua had delivered the money to her, he had once mentioned that there was something important to tell her. At that time, she told Ye Xing Hua to come to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship to look for her after the auction had ended.

Whoever knew that in the end, after the auction had ended, an accident occurred and Li Moying even fainted from exhaustion.

She totally put Ye Xing Hua’s matter behind her mind.

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “I’d be out immediately, please ask Guardian Jun to accompany President Ye for a while longer.”

Saying that, she hurriedly tied her wrinkled clothing and messy hair as she hurried over to the front hall.

In the front hall, Ye Xing Hua and Cang Po Jun seemed to be chatting congenially.

On seeing Huang Yueli’s appearance, Ye Xing Hua stood up immediately and bowed, “Master, I’ve came without an invitation, I hope I have not disturbed you.”

Cang Po Jun nodded towards Huang Yueli and left silently.

Huang Yueli indicated for Ye Xing Hua to sit as she received the tea cup from the female attendant and said, “Xing Hua, earlier during the auction, you said that you have some news regarding President Jiang to tell me?”

When Ye Xing Hua saw the female attendant leaving the front hall, he then nodded his head and spoke out in a low voice, “Some days ago, I listened to your instructions and re-investigated the ruins when President Jiang had met with harm back then and self-exploded.”