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Chapter 2097: Acting cute and coquettish (2)

At this moment, Huang Yueli seemed to have recalled something as her footsteps took a halt and she turned her head back.

“That’s right, has my Master got on the ship already? Hurry and invite him over!”

Cang Po Jun and the others were laid with a heavy responsibility and in a turn, they had already started running towards the inside of the Sky Ship.

Huang Yueli saw the entire group’s backs as they turned around and he blinked her eyes in astonishment, “What’s the matter? Do they really need so many people to go together just to invite one person over? Why had they run off so quickly?”

She couldn’t understand why momentarily as her heart was strung up over Li Moying’s condition hence she hurriedly carried him into the cabin.

“Moying, you… are you alright? It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t ran about causing you to fight with Chi Xiao Jiu…”

Huang Yueli sat by the bedside as she looked worriedly at him, wiping off his sweat while apologizing proactively.

Li Moying was half leaning against the bed’s headboard as he squinted his eyes slightly and spoke in a weak voice but his tone still carried an immense suppressing feel.

“You… how do you want me to say you? I know… when you saw Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu, you will recall about the past and unable to suppress your rage… but can’t you just think for me? If you were really caught by them, what do you want me to do? You almost scared me to death, do you know that?”

Huang Yueli naturally knew that she was in the wrong as she lowered her head and obediently listened to her fiancé’s lecture.

It was until Li Moying had finally finished his words when she raised a sweet smile and leaned close to him, “Moying, I’m sorry, I know I’m at fault already….. please be appeased and rest properly, I won’t do it in future ever again!”

She lifted three fingers from her right hand, showing a vowing stance.

Li Moying gave a humph and didn’t said a word. His little fox knew that this young lass’s deadly vows were never taken for real and although she looked very obediently now, when it was in crucial times, she would still possibly go ahead and take risks.

Huang Yueli took a look and knew that her credit no longer had any worth as she hurriedly leaned in and acted coquettish, “Moying, are you really angry?”

Li Moying just wanted to say something when a burst of laughter was heard coming from the cabin’s door, “Disciple, Sovereign Mu, your feelings for each other is really on great terms!”

Huang Yueli’s expression stiffened and she gave a dry laugh. She originally had already climbed onto the bed but on hearing her Master coming, she hurriedly climbed down.

“Master, that… quickly come take a look. I’ve already taken Moying’s pulse and his pulse-phase is considered normal but he still seems rather giddy…”

Dai Boqi sat by the bedside and grabbed Li Moying’s wrist as his fingers laid upon it and went silent for moment when a displeased expression appeared on his face.

“Sovereign Mu, this old man had already instructed multiple times for you to not take action against anyone, why don’t you listen to this old man? Have you not thought it through yet? If this carries on and your Soul Detachment Illness acts up again, then we might not be able to wait till the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill has been refined before you lost your life!”

When Dai Boqi said this, Huang Yueli was so scared that she broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly questioned, “Master, Moying he really…. his illness has worsened again?”

Her pale little face made Li Moying felt a bolt of heartache when this scene entered his eyes.

“Li’er, I’m very well, just a little giddy, don’t you listen to that old grandpa talk nonsense…”

“This old man is talking nonsense??” Dai Boqi blew his whiskers and eyes widening when he heard that, “How dare you actually say this old man is talking nonsense! Do you really think that your body is made out of steel? You should be the clearest on just how dangerous the Soul Detachment Illness is! If you don’t listen to this old man’s instructions, then you might as well give up on treatment now! If not when you’re not fully cured in the end, you’d still blame on this old man’s medical skills!”