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Chapter 2080: Mastermind behind the scenes (3)

Ling Qing Yu lifted up her head sharpl, her face extremely pale. “You… what do you mean? Don’t you go sprouting rubbish! I chose to sacrifice Huang Yueli, that was all because of Soaring Heavens Continent’s future!”

Chi Xiao Jiu shook his head while laughing coldly, “Why bother to make yourself so noble? Don’t we know each other well enough? Back then every time when you came to visit that Junior Sister of mine, you always chose to come look for her when Mu Chengying was around! Only my Junior Sister believed too much in you hence she was deceived by you, totally unable to tell at all!”

Ling Qing Yu had her thoughts exposed by him as a sliver of awkwardness flashed past her eyes but she quickly controlled herself as she denied all allegations.

“What rubbish are you sprouting? I went to Mythical Flame Palace, naturally, to look for Huang Yueli! What does it have to do with Mu… Mu Chengying?”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s brows rose, “Oh? There’s really no relation? Every time Junior Sister had not returned from her experience training and when Mu Chengying came to look for her, he would always miss her but you would always be conveniently around Mythical Flame Palace and in order to avoid suspicions, you would always serve the snacks and tea in the middle on the night, sneaking over to the guestroom which Mu Chengying was staying in, wasn’t it? What were you two doing in the room that night? Did you really think that no one knew!”

Ling Qing Yu had totally not expected Chi Xiao Jiu to know about these and momentarily, she was extremely dishevelled as her expression changed abruptly.

“Don’t you sprout rubbish! What evidence do you have? Who will believe in these rubbish of yours!”

This time round, Ling Qing Yu’s voice turned sharp and totally couldn’t control her volume.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the surroundings were empty, her voice might have been heard long ago.

Huang Yueli was hiding behind the artificial mountain and the more she heard, the more shaken she was!

Never in her wildest dreams had she expected the real reason behind Ling Qing Yu exposing her whereabouts, causing her death was actually this!

So, Ling Qing Yu had been the same as numerous young ladies in Soaring Heavens Continent that year, also secretly admiring Mu Chengying!

Huang Yueli was so shocked that she couldn’t say a single word, her mind totally blanked out and her four limbs icy cold.

She had once guessed multiple times, trying to explain Ling Qing Yu’s actions in her heart innumerable times, feeling that she had most probably mistaken her or perhaps Ling Qing Yu was forced into revealing her whereabouts…

Whoever knew that at the end, the truth…. was actually in such an unbearable way!

Huang Yueli was feeling murky and faintly, she heard Chi Xiao Jiu’s sinister voice.

“Eldest Young Miss Ling, all of us are intelligent people so don’t treat everyone like idiots! That year after Huang Yueli’s death, you thought that you were able to take advantage of the void and replace her wasn’t it? As a result, whoever knew that Mu Chengying was overly depressed and decided to go into rigid closed cultivation! This closed door cultivation of his lasted for sixteen years! In the past sixteen years, This Seat had raised the requests of a marriage in union to Celestial Heavens Gate multiple times in order to build up both Sacred Lands’ ability but you had rejected me multiple times, wasn’t it because of Mu Chengying?”

“Now, he’s finally out of his closed door and you don’t even bother about that Lord’s words anymore? Did you think that This Seat doesn’t know that you were intentionally going easy on them during the auction earlier?”

Ling Qing Yu’s expression was even more dishevelled by the minute, as though a cat’s tail had been trodden on, trying its best to struggle free.

“You… you’re simply slandering indiscriminately! The matters which the Lord had entrusted, how would I possibly dare to pay lip service? What does it have to do with Sovereign Mu? You saw the situation earlier, we just didn’t prepare enough spirit jades! If we really needed to calculate this, the responsibility should lie on you because you had squandered 4 billion plus earlier just to buy a useless broken sword. Otherwise, we might already have gotten the Purified Branch into our possession!”