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Published at 7th of February 2021 03:00:17 PM

Chapter 2059
Chapter 2059: Rake in a fortune again (1)

For so many years, there hadn’t been anyone who dared to publicly snatch any treasures .

Even if it was one of the hosts of the Seven Sacred Lands, doing this kind of thing would cause one to be disdained by all practitioners and it was an extremely embarrassing matter .

Chi Xiao Jiu also knew that he had misspoke but he didn’t want to lose face in front of a “junior” like Li Moying .

He gave a cold humph, “Kiddo, do you think you’re someone just because you’re Sovereign Mu’s disciple? This Seat will not haggle with you on account of Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s President Wen!”

Saying that, he landed back on the seat on his butt .

The audience in the auction house all wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads as they heaved a sigh of relief .

The annual action had just started and if someone with a status like Chi Xiao Jiu came to create havoc at the scene, then today’s auction would probably be discontinued! Luckily…

The beautiful emcee asked cautiously, “This… . now Young Miss Bai in Number Six VIP cabin has bidded with a price of 4 billion high grade spirit jade . Palace Lord Chi, do you… still want?”

She didn’t want to bring bad luck to herself at this point of time but as there was just this much time for the auction, it was her responsibility so she couldn’t just stop the bidding as she wished, hence she could only braced herself to ask this .

Chi Xiao Jiu banged the table, “I won’t… . ”

He wanted very much to directly say that he didn’t want to, and just give it up to that young lass on the opposite side, allowing her to spend a huge sum of money to purchase this Profound Weapon!

But the words were already at the side of his lips but he felt reluctant to give up .

Although four billion high grade spirit jades was indeed almost the price of a ninth tier upper grade Profound Weapon but nine tier upper grade Profound Weapon in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent were only that few, plus after Huang Yueli died, there were no new produces so there was none in the market even though they had the money, so even if they wanted to buy, they didn’t know who to look for .

Having missed this Ardent Cloud Sword, he didn’t know when he would be able to find another piece .

Moreover speaking, ever since that matter… he must quickly arm himself up, otherwise his life might possibly be in danger…

Chi Xiao Jiu pondered over it and clenched his teeth, “4 . 1 billion!”

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Saying that, he looked across to the opposite cabin as he spoke out coldly, “Blue Profound Sect’s young lass, bid if you have the guts! If you add another 1 billion, This Seat will give it up to you!”

Everyone present could tell that Chi Xiao Jiu’s words were filled with threat .

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men all secretly frowned, as they all felt slightly off towards Chi Xiao Jiu’s action in their hearts .

“Already a Palace Lord and yet still so petty . Can’t auction past a young lady then resort to using this kind of threatening ways, coercing her to give in to him… when Grandmaster Huang was still alive back then, Mythical Flame Palace had so much riches and was extremely magnanimous, how did it turn into today’s state… . . ”

“Shh, quiet! Saying all these, don’t you wish to live any longer?”

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“I think, this Young Miss Bai definitely doesn’t dare to continue bidding…”

“That’s for sure . No matter how much Young Sect Master Li pampers her, with an opponent like Palace Lord Chi, Young Master Li is also unable to deal with him… . It’s still safe in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild, but after they leave the auction house, they will probably run into bad luck!”

Everyone was breaking out in cold sweat for Huang Yueli .

Just based on looks alone, Huang Yueli had delicate looks and her age was still so young hence it really made others take pity on her .

Everyone thought that her being threatened by Chi Xiao Jiu in such a way, would probably be scared stiff .

No one had thought that Chi Xiao Jiu had actually been schemed by her, hence being pushed into a stage where he was unable to advance or retreat .

Huang Yueli sat in the cabin as she toyed with the teacup in her hand .