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Chapter 2058
Chapter 2058: Number One Armament Master’s social status (8)

“Worthy of being the Number One Sacred Land’s Young Sect Master . A three billion ninth tier Profound Weapon, said to be a ‘plaything’!”

“Young Sect Master Li is really assertive, hasn’t he doted too overly on his fiancée?”

“That Bai Ruoli is really lucky, how on earth did she manage to settle Young Sect Master Li?”

Even Ling Qing Yu who was next to Chi Xiao Jiu also revealed a strange look in her eyes, as her gaze shot towards the opposite cabin, as she muttered to herself, “This… . simply the same as his Master… . Blue Profound Sect’s men, are indeed all like this?”

Chi Xiao Jiu originally was super upset and upon hearing Ling Qing Yu’s utterance, the rage in him flourished .

He turned back and took a fierce look at Ling Qing Yu, “Eldest Young Miss Ling, I’m the one who seems to be your ally?”

Ling Qing Yu then realised that she had misspoke as she hurriedly changed her words and suggested, “Palace Lord Chi, are you going to continue bidding? 3 billion to purchase a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon is really not worth it . Why not you just give up, then in this way, the person who is embarrassed will become Li Moying! It’s easy to brag but when he’s asked to really make payment, that would still be equivalent to letting out blood!”

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a cold humph, “Doesn’t This Seat know about this? But this Ardent Cloud Sword to This Seat has a different meaning totally, so even if it’s 3 billion… . I still have to take it!”

The beautiful emcee on the stage below thought that he wouldn’t bid any further and had begun counting down .

Chi Xiao Jiu didn’t even have the chance to hesitate as he hurriedly called out his bid, “3 . 1 billion!”

“What? 3 . 1 billion??”

“Has Palace Lord Chi gone insane too?”

“What’s so good about this Ardent Cloud Sword, that they must fight over it in such a way?”

Before the crowd could even recover from their shock, Huang Yueli then gave a light laugh as she clearly spoke out, “4 billion!”

“YOU—!” Chi Xiao Jiu stood up from his seat as he swept the entire tea set onto the floor . The boiling hot tea splashed on his leg but he felt nothing at all .

“Blue Profound Sect’s young lass, This Seat advises you… . not to be too much! Don’t think that you’re Blue Profound Sect’s disciple and you have such a capable fiancé then you can do as you wish in Sky Emperor City! Your man merely has good innate talent only, he’s still not up to Mu Chengying’s standard yet!”

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Chi Xiao Jiu had really been infuriated beyond his senses this time round .

When he was speaking, his tone was harsh as a ninth stage realm peak practitioner’s boundless Profound Energy was also emitted along with his words, towards the cabin .

Momentarily, a powerful leash of pressure enveloped the skies in the auction house .

Even those in the audience below also felt the deep pressure as they secretly shrunk their necks, not daring to even heave out loudly .

However, Huang Yueli’s voice remained stable and even had a faint hint of laughter .

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“Palace Lord is… . can’t win my bid and your anger has turned into embarrassment, so you’re attempting to use your martial power to threaten me? Aiya, Moying, I’m so scared, what should I do?”

Although her lips were saying that she was scared, but everyone could tell that there was no hint of fright in her meaning at all .

Li Moying shook his head helplessly, “You ah, why are you so mischievous! How would Palace Lord Chi possibly act in that manner that you said? Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s regulations had always been voluntary sales and purchase, and the higher bidder wins so no one can be an exception . Using martial power to threaten, wouldn’t that be equivalent to snatching? If anyone breaks the rules of the world, in future who would allow Palace Lord Chi to enter the doors to their auction?”

His voice was cold and aloof and he said that in a kindly and informal fashion but it made Chi Xiao Jiu shudder upon hearing that .

Although Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild wasn’t considered a top rated powerhouse, but it was mutually protected by various large powerhouses .