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Published at 7th of February 2021 03:00:47 PM

Chapter 2052
Chapter 2052: Number One Armament Master’s social status (2)

“The ninth tier lower grade Ardent Cloud Sword casted by Grandmaster Huang, starting price: One hundred million high grade spirit jades!”

“Will everyone please place your bids!”

The beautiful emcee had just ended her sentence when a bid rang .

“One hundred and ten million!”

“One hundred and twenty million!”

“One hundred and fifty million!”

“Two hundred million!”

In a blink of an eye, the price of the Ardent Cloud Sword had already reached four hundred million high grade spirit jades .

Everyone were fighting to bid, deeply worried that if they weren’t able to make it in time, the Ardent Cloud Sword would be bided by someone else .

Luo Jiyun heard the continuously cries of bidding below as he was dumbstruck, “Heavens, in a blink of an eye, this sword had already folded four times! Four hundred million high grade spirit jades! One lower grade spirit jade is a thousand pieces of high grade spirit stones and one medium grade spirit jade is equivalent to one thousand pieces of lower grade spirit jades whereas one piece of high grade spirit jade is worth one thousand pieces of medium grade spirit jades! Heavens, this… just how much money is this? I’ve already lost count!”

Cang Po Jun had finally resumed his composure after the initial shock and smiled, “Young Master Luo, this is something that you are not aware of . The ninth tier Profound Weapon which Grandmaster Huang personally refined, had always been sold for hundred millions of high grade spirit jades . Moreover, this is from sixteen year ago… so scarce goods are always most valuable . Grandmaster Huang’s works would soar every year . Four hundred million is probably not the limit yet!”

Luo Jiyun’s face was completely stupefied when he heard that, “Heavens… . So it’s so easy for Armament Masters to earn money! Too bad, this sword isn’t something which Lil Sister-in-law took out for auction, and we don’t know who the seller is? Aiya, I somehow feel that we’ve lost a lot of money!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she casted a side glance at him as she laughed, “Alright, stop putting on an inexperienced look . It’s merely a few hundred millions of high grade spirit jades! This Ardent Cloud Sword is one of my failed works when I had just ascended to ninth ranked Armament Master back then, moreover…”

Huang Yueli suddenly paused as her expression seemed as though she was in deep thoughts .

“Moreover what?” Luo Jiyun asked curiously .

Huang Yueli shook her head as she changed topics, “After I regain my ninth stage realm, I will make one for you!”

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“Rea… Really?” Luo Jiyun had this surprise gift and was so excited that he almost fainted, “Is this for real? Lil Sister-in-law, I… I love you to bits!”

Luo Jiyun excitedly pounced over and wanted to hold Huang Yueli’s hand as gratitude .

In the end, in the middle of it, Li Moying flicked his sleeve and a burst of Profound Energy flew out, blocking Luo Jiyun off .

Luo Jiyun cried out “aiyo” and almost fell flat onto the ground .

Huang Yueli blinked and she looked at the man next to her, not knowing if she should laugh or cry, “You… I say, why are you jealous of Junior Brother Luo, he merely wanted to thank me! You even used Profound Energy, do you even know that you’re a patient? Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

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She raised her fair white face, looking attentively at Li Moying, while her little hand was placed on his chest .

Luo Jiyun finally managed to steady himself and when he turned back, he really wanted to cry with no tears .

“Do you need to be like this? I’m the one who was obviously beaten up but why isn’t there anyone who is concerned if I’m feeling well or not?”

Cang Po Hun burst out laughing, “You dare to touch Grandmaster Huang, be grateful that Sovereign didn’t send you flying which is already showing you mercy . Don’t stand there in a blank and come over to take a look quickly! The Ardent Cloud Sword has already reached a bid of five hundred million!”

Luo Jiyun hurriedly returned to sit in front of the window .

“Five hundred million! The Ardent Cloud Sword’s price is now at five hundred million high grade spirit jades! Are there any higher bids?”

After the pricing had reached five hundred million, the entire place fell into a short moment of silence .